TaxTron: What You Need to Know

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TaxTron: What You Need to Know

Meta desc: TaxTron is a Canadian tax preparation software. Here’s a guide to using TaxTron

When taxes are due, many of us start despairing at all the different forms we need to submit, digging out that forgotten receipt from the bottom of the drawer, and searching for professional help when all else fails. For many people, that means relying on tax preparation software to ease the headache of filing tax returns, claiming credits, and declaring multiple sources of income. One of the companies available to Canadians is TaxTron. Here’s an overview.

What is TaxTron

TaxTron is a Canadian company that offers tax preparation software. TaxTron is NETFILE and EFILE certified. If you have any questions, you can call or live chat their customer service team.

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What services does TaxTron offer?

TaxTron offers both individual (T1) and corporate (T2) filing options. The software is available in both English and French and is able to process all federal and provincial returns, including Québec. In addition to individual and corporate options, TaxTron also offers:

  • Family: This option allows you to prepare and file five returns with a total income of $31,000 or more or as many as 15 returns with a total income of under $31,000 each.

  • Professional: Designed for tax preparers, this option lets you electronically prepare and submit T1013 and T1135 forms for your clients.

  • Corporate Professional: Designed to process an unlimited amount of T2s

  • TaxTron Web: In addition to offering software for downloading, TaxTron also offers web-based filing options for personal and corporate taxes.

Do I have to pay to file my taxes?

While TaxTron offers free trials for their web-based services, as well as for their individual, family, and single corporate options, you do have to purchase the software. The prices are as follow:

  • Individual: $12.99 for Windows, $19.99 for MacOS

  • Family: $24.99 for Windows, $39.99 for MacOS

  • Professional: $249.99 for Windows, $595 for MacOS

  • Corporate (single license): $99.99 for Windows or MacOS, free if you have a net loss for tax purpose

  • Corporate professional: $249 for Windows or MacOS

Note that there are tax preparation software options on the market that come with free filing services, with some even offering a $0-flat fee for all of their services. It’s worth doing some research.

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Where are the TaxTron offices located?

The address for TaxTron’s main office is 2292 Islington Ave, Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 3W8.

Last Updated April 5, 2021

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