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Wealthsimple Giveback

Open a Wealthsimple RESP and help another child access education.

Wealthsimple RESPs turn your investment into a force for change

Wealthsimple’s profits from managing your RESP go to Wealthsimple Foundation, and directly into the RESP accounts of families who are Canada Learning Bond-eligible.

Open an RESP

How it works

  1. Open a digital RESP
  2. Start saving for your child’s education
  3. Profits we make from managing your RESP go to families in need and Wealthsimple Foundation
  4. Your money helps another family save for their child’s future

To date, the Wealthsimple Foundation has helped over 8,964 kids receive over


in Canada Learning Bond.

By helping kids get a post-secondary education, you’re making a lasting impact:

A child who earns acollege degree
earns $1,027,900more over 40 years.

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Wealthsimple RESPs are low-fee, diversified portfolios that automatically invest for your child's education. Our RESP's are entirely digital—meaning you don't need to fill out any paperwork or visit a bank.

The Canada Learning Bond (CLB) is money given from the Government of Canada to low-income families to help them save for their child’s post-secondary education. Families can claim anywhere from $500 to $2000, which is deposited directly into an RESP.

Families can claim CLB regardless of whether they have any education savings, or whether they’re receiving any other assistance from the government.

Wealthsimple RESPs have a 0.5% management fee—lower than most traditional advisors and banks. Plus, there’s no account minimum required for your RESP. You can start investing with just $1.

If your child receives the Canada Learning Bond, your RESP management fee is 0%.

Wealthsimple Foundation is a Canadian not-profit organization in the process of applying for charity status. Wealthsimple Foundation’s mission is to enable a brighter future for everyone in Canada through access to post-secondary education.

By partnering with other organizations across Canada, the foundation helps families in need save for their child’s education and secure the Canada Learning Bond.

For more details on Wealthsimple Foundation’s work, go to