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Our free TFSA calculator will help you understand how much you can contribute to your TFSA and how your savings could grow in the future.

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Our assumptions

We made some assumptions about your situation and market performance. Adjust them to see how they'll affect your results.

What do you expect your investments to return, before fees, between now and retirement?

Marginal tax rate is the tax you pay on each extra dollar of income earned

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Benefit from tax free returns and pay a fraction of the fees that mutual fund investors pay.

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    Get to know TFSAs Understand the basics of TFSAs and how they work. Know the limits, rules and your investment options.

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    Know the fees Fees are like savings termites — they'll chew right through your TFSA savings. When you invest with Wealthsimple, we charge a 0.5% management fee when you invest up to $100,000 and 0.4% fee when you deposit more than $100,000. That's significantly less than the 2% fees paid by traditional mutual fund investors in Canada.

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    Open a TFSA There’s no time like the present. If you don’t already have one, open a TFSA and start benefiting from the power of compounding. If you already have a TFSA consider increasing your contributions.

A word of warning

Our TFSA calculator is not financial advice; it is for illustrative purposes only and the results are estimates. The calculator may be a useful tool in helping you estimate how much your TFSA could be worth, but you should understand that it has limitations. For example, the calculator does not anticipate or take into account future changes to government savings programs or tax rates. Also, rates of return on investments may vary and all contributions compound annually.