Where is the Sudbury Tax Centre?

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The massive CRA taxation centre in Sudbury is tasked with receiving and processing individual and business tax returns. There are a few other tax centres in Canada, including one in Jonquiere, Prince Edward Island and Winnipeg. Each tax centre is assigned a geographical area of responsibility, although areas may vary depending on the return. As such, it is essential to know where your tax centre is located and the right mailing addresses for the documents you want to send.

CRA Tax Centres in Sudbury

There are various mailing addresses for tax centres in Sudbury, depending on the documents and correspondences you want to send:

Personal Income Tax (T1) and Benefits

Sudbury tax centre



Fax Number: 705 671 3994

Phone Number: 1 855 276 1529

Corporation Income Tax (T2) and Business Taxes

Sudbury tax centre

P. O. Box 20000 (Station A)


Fax Number: 705 671 3994

Phone Number: 1 855 276 1529

If you don't live in Canada at the time, send your documents and correspondences to the following address:

Prince-Edward-Island tax centre

275 PopeRoad

Summerside (PE-C1N-6A2)

Fax Number: 902 432 6287

Walk-in counter service is currently unavailable because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, the tax service offices are equipped with external drop-boxes you can use to submit your documents. The centre is located in North Central Ontario (1050-Notre-Dame-Avenue). You can also send a fax (705 671 3994) or call the office's phone number (1 855 276 1529).

What is a CRA Tax Centre?

A CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) tax center is commissioned to collect and process income tax return documents from taxpayers. Tax centers receive tax slips, forms and claims, and process them on behalf of the agency. There are four tax centers in Canada, each serving a specific geographical area. These include:

  1. Sudbury Tax Centre - Ontario

  2. Prince-Edward-Island Tax Centre - Atlantic

  3. Winnipeg Tax Centre - Prairie and Pacific

  4. Jonquière Tax Centre – Quebec

In addition to the four tax centres, tax service offices (TSOs) are distributed across Canadian provinces. TSOs are tasked with complex audits and operations that involve direct contact with the taxpayers. They are often broken into branch offices for efficiency and better organization. However, no active tax service offices are found in the territories, so they have to rely on TSOs in the nearest provinces. Sudbury and Barrie are also the only tax service offices in North Central Ontario. However, there are 25 TSOs distributed across Canada.

Where Can I Find A Tax Centre in Sudbury?

Finding a tax centre should be effortless as the mailing and physical locations are listed online. Once on the site, you can search for Sudbury tax centres and follow the guide, which lets you specify which correspondences to generate the address. You will find mailing address, physical address, fax and phone numbers. Since walk-in counter services aren't available, the CRA encourages taxpayers to finish form submission online or via mail. You can also contact the Sudbury Tax Centre by phone or fax. You can pull up a map online to help you find the fastest route to the external drop boxes.

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