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Luisa Rollenhagen

Luisa Rollenhagen is a writer and editor who lives in Berlin.

When taxes are due, many of us fall into a similar state of panic: Despairing at all the different forms we need to submit, scrambling to dig out that forgotten receipt from the bottom of the drawer, and turning to professionals for help when all else fails. But the price of an in-person accountant can often scare people away, which is why many turn to a tax preparation software like AdvTax in order to ease the headache of filing tax returns, claiming credits, and declaring multiple sources of income.

What is AdvTax?

AdvTax is a NETFILE- and EFILE-certified Canadian tax preparation software. It’s provided by Aclasssoft Inc. and is available for all Canadian provinces and territories, including Québec returns (not always a given). AdvTax is available for a variety of tax situations, including single filers with simple returns, family returns, and self-employed individuals with more complicated situations. You can use the software for either NETFILE or EFILE filing, and it’s available in English, French, and Chinese.

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What services does AdvTax offer?

AdvTax values function over form. But with an integrated tax calculator, online demos for a variety of tax situations, a comprehensive library with common CRA forms and slips, and a checklist for common tax data items, the online software offers helpful information for taxpayers and can handle a simple return quickly. In terms of support, there’s an email address you can contact, but otherwise your options are slim. Their form library allows you to fill and edit the forms you need as you go and includes an auto-fill service, making for a quick and easy preparation. You can also prepare your tax return on the go: AdvTax allows you to prepare and file from anywhere with any smartphone, tablet, or laptops. According to its website, it takes about five minutes to complete regular tax return for a single person, and about 10 minutes for a family.

Do I have to pay to have my taxes filed?

AdvTax’s NETFILE preparation system is completely free for all Canadian users. According to its website, AdvTax offers free online filing for low-income taxpayers, and also notes that all NETFILE users may have a 50 percent chance to receive free online filing services. Keep in mind there are many other companies that offer a wide variety of tax services for free. Wealthsimple Tax, for example, is always free (although you have the option to donate a chosen amount). In addition to offering you human support and the seamless integration of any retirement accounts you may have, there’s also the option to make readjustments to your return after you file, in case you’ve made a mistake.

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Ultimately, what tax preparation company you choose will depend on what level of service and assistance your financial situation requires. Keeping an eye out for flexibility, access to professionals, and refund optimization guarantees will save you plenty of headaches and potential fees down the line.

Last Updated April 1, 2021

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