A personalised portfolio

We help you build an intelligent portfolio of low-fee funds that are designed to meet your financial goals.

Your eggs in lots of different baskets

We invest your money across the entire stock market using funds that track the global economy. This lowers your risk by taking advantage of market diversification. Let us build you a custom mix of investments for a risk level you're comfortable with.
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  • UK Govt Bonds
  • UK Corp Bonds
  • Emerging Markets Bonds
  • High Yield Bonds
  • Asian Equities
  • Emerging Markets Equities
  • Europe Equities
  • Small Cap Equities
  • US Equities
  • UK Equities
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Backed by Nobel Prize-winning research

Our approach is based on Modern Portfolio Theory, introduced by economist Harry Markowitz, who proved you can minimise volatility and maximise reward by diversifying your investments.

Research has proven that passive investing — tracking the market over time using a diversified portfolio — beats active investing 96% of the time.
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Invest according to your values


Simple honest pricing

Save thousands over the course of your lifetime by paying a fraction of what traditional advisers According to a quarterly review conducted by Grant Thornton, an investor requiring both advice and investment products will pay on average 2.56% per annum. Savings in fees are calculated using a 20 year time period. charge. You'll also never pay any trading, account transfer, or other transaction fees. There are underlying fund management fees of 0.14-0.32% annually.

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  • £1,500 Savings in fees
  • 0.5% Fee
£0-£100K ∙ 0.7% Fees

Wealthsimple Basic

£100K+ ∙ 0.5% Fees

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  • Perfectly matched portfolio Get a diversified portfolio of low-fee funds set to a risk level you're comfortable with.
  • Automatic housekeeping Stay on track when your investments drift with automatic rebalancing.
  • Expert investment advice Call, chat or email us anytime you need a helping hand.
  • Automatic dividend reinvesting Dividend reinvestingMultiply your money over time with compound interest and automatic dividend reinvesting.
  • Regular savings Never miss a milestone when you contribute to your investments automatically.
  • All basic features
  • Investment planning Hit your financial goals by scheduling a session with one of our accredited investment advisers.
  • Lower fees Make your money work harder with a lower management fee of 0.5%.
  • VIP airline lounge access Travel better with access to more than 1,000 airline lounges in over 400 cities.

With investment your capital is at risk.


Talk to an expert

Our investment advisers are standing by to help you meet your financial goals.


Meet our money experts

Our team of investment advisers have a legal and professional responsibility to do what’s in your best interest, whether you’re saving for a new house or planning a family.
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We keep your money safe

Your security and trust are important to us. We're committed to protecting your account using the highest standards of security available.


Transfer an account, we'll pay the fees

Are you paying higher fees elsewhere on your ISA, JISA, or other accounts? You don’t have to. Transfer any accounts with more than £5,000 to Wealthsimple and we’ll cover the transfer fees your bank charges you.


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“Wealthsimple is an example of fintech innovation at its finest. The success of this business has turned heads all over the world.” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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