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Betterment vs Wealthsimple - 2019 Comparison

Lisa MacColl is a writer, investor and former compliance consultant in the group retirement and individual wealth management fields. Lisa has written about personal finance for 14 years and currently writes about investing and investment providers for Wealthsimple. Lisa's past work has been published in Canadian Money Saver, Advisor’s Edge, CBC, and She was a nominee for the 2015 Oktoberfest Women of the Year, Professional Category. Lisa holds an M.A. and B.A. from the Wilfrid Laurier University.

We believe that making smart choices with your money shouldn't be hard. To help you choose, we compared Betterment vs Wealthsimple Invest. Then we created this handy comparison for you to show how we stack up in terms of key features, accounts and pricing.

Your trust is important to us. That's why we always do our best to be fair and provide complete and accurate information. We also do our best to provide up-to-date information. You should know that Betterment or Wealthsimple Invest may change their product features or fees at any time. To complete your homework, we recommend visiting our competitor's site to continue your research.

About Betterment and Wealthsimple Invest

Betterment is an online financial advisor that creates personalized investment portfolios and uses technology to lower taxes, rebalance portfolios and provide investment diversity. In business since 2010, Betterment is one of the original roboadvisors and has approximate $10 billion in assets under management.

Wealthsimple is an online investment manager that combines smart technology with expert financial advice. We allow you to put your money in a managed portfolio (Wealthsimple Invest) or put your money in a savings investment account (Wealthsimple Save). We've been in business since 2014, and have over $3 billion in assets under management.

How Betterment compares to Wealthsimple Invest (Managed Portfolios)

See how Betterment and Wealthsimple Invest stack up in this side-by-side comparison. Your trust is important to us. That's why we always do our best to be fair and provide complete and accurate information. To complete your homework, we recommend visiting our competitor's site to continue your research.

Overall Rating on Nerd Wallet5/54.5/5
Social Responsible InvestingYesYes
Halal InvestingNoYes
Dividend ReinvestingYesYes
Minimum Balance To Start Investing$0 for their digital plan and $100,000 for their premium planNone
Auto DepositingYesYes
VIP Airport Lounge AccessNoYes (for Wealthsimple Invest clients who invest over $100k)
Management FeesTwo levels: 0.25% on the digital plan and 0.40% on their premium plan. Fee-based financial advisor services start at $1990.5% on $0-$100k and 0.4% for amounts over $100k
Transfer Fees (to another financial institution)NoNo
Inactivity FeesNoNo
Financial Planning/Portfolio ReviewYes (digital plan provides access to a CFP for an additional fee starting from $199. Unlimited access to a CFP or when you invest $100K and enroll in the premium plan.)Yes
Human SupportYesYes

Not all investment providers are created equal. In just five minutes you can get started with a personalized portfolio that makes your money work harder for you — start investing with Wealthsimple.

Comparison of accounts offered (Managed portfolios)

Here's a list of the accounts that Betterment and Wealthsimple Invest offer in the U.S.

AccountBettermentWealthsimple Invest
Roth IRAYesYes
Traditional IRAYesYes
Rollover IRAYesYes
Simple IRANoNo
Non-retirement accountsYesYes

The bottom line

Betterment and Wealthsimple Invest offer no minimum to open an account and start investing. Both companies offer no additional fees on transfers or inactivity, rebalancing and auto-deposits. Both offer human support and socially responsible investing. Wealthsimple Invest offers halal investing options but Betterment does not.

How much you pay in fees can eat up your bottom line, and it pays to understand what you receive in exchange for the fee you pay. Betterment's premium plan has an annual fee of 0.40%, their digital plan has an annual fee of 0.25%. Wealthsimple Invest fees start at 0.5% and drop to 0.4% if you invest more than $100k.

Wealthsimple Invest fees include access to a financial advisor. Betterment's digital plan comes with personalized financial advice but to get in-depth advice from a Certified Financial Planner you need to buy an advice package and that starts at $199 per session. If you have over $100K, and you are willing to pay 0.40%, you can enroll in their premium plan which comes with access to a Certified Financial Planner.

When it comes to education and advice Wealthsimple provides educational content in the form of articles and an investing course. Betterment has a resources centre that provides articles to help their clients become better investors too.

In an independent review conducted by NerdWallet, Betterment scored 5/5 stars and Wealthsimple Invest scored 4.5/5 stars.

What to consider when choosing an investment provider

Comparing investment providers doesn't have to be hard. Here's some advice to get you started:

Pay attention to account minimums

Choose a provider that makes sense for what you can invest now - and in the future. Some investment providers require you to deposit as much as $100,000 to get started. And, in some cases you could face nasty penalties for dropping below the account minimum - or be forced to close your account.

Watch out for hidden fees

Nothing eats away at long-term gains quite like fees. And we're talking about more than just management fees (though they're important, too). Account transfers and trading fees can also add up. The best investment providers are upfront with what it costs to invest with them.

Look out for human support

When you need to make sense of a mysterious number in your monthly statement, nothing compares to talking to a fellow human. In the competition to offer the lowest possible management fees, some robo-advisors are quick to cut customer support. Before you commit to a provider, see what support is available - you never know when you'll want it.

Find out if you have access to a financial advisor

No two people are alike - and neither are their financial situations. But investment platforms vary in terms of how much access you get to professional advice. Keep an eye out for providers that offer access to a financial advisor. There are only a few who offer advice when you need it, regardless of how much money you have in your account.

Understand how much freedom you have

Relationships end - even when you're investing for the long term. Before you commit, find out what happens if you need to withdraw your funds or want to move on to a new investment platform - and whether there are any penalties involved.

Not your average investment provider. Say hello to human financial advice and personalized portfolios with no account minimums or hidden fees — start investing now.

Why choose Wealthsimple

We do the work for you

Using well Wealthsimple is, well, simple. In just a few minutes, we'll build you a custom portfolio that makes sense for your risk tolerance and investment timelines. And we'll do the maintenance for you, with automatic rebalancing and dividend reinvesting. All you have to do to get started is answer a few simple questions. And then you can sit back and tell all your friends how smart you were with your money.

No account minimums or hidden fees

We're the first investment company in Canada to eliminate account minimums. That means you can start investing with as little as $1. Our fees are also really, really low. We charge 0.5% on $0-$100k and 0.4% on anything above $100k. Plus, you can make a withdrawal any time you want. So you can always count on your money being there when you need it. Start investing now.

Personal touch

Our financial advisors are fiduciaries, which is a fancy way of saying that they have a legal obligation to provide financial advice that's in your best interest - not ours. They're standing by to answer your questions and provide support whenever you need it. All you have to go is drop us a line by phone, email or even Skype. Get started.

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The information on this page was compiled by Wealthsimple in April 2019. In order to uncover this information, we looked at Betterment's website, press releases and third-party sites. The information collected relates to features, accounts and pricing. The information is provided for comparison purposes only, as at the time of publication. The comparison is only intended for U.S. investors.

Last Updated May 3, 2019

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