Halal portfolio

Grow your wealth while keeping your faith with Canada’s first-ever portfolio that complies with Islamic law.

Invest according to your faith

Certified by Islamic scholars

Our fund is certified and audited semi-annually by a board of Islamic researchers. This audit yields a certificate approving the ETF’s structure, then reviewed and signed by a committee of Shariah scholars. The certificate (called a Fund Fatwa) verifies our ETF as a Shariah-compliant fund.

Canada’s first Shariah-compliant ETF

Every company in our fund (WSHR) derives less than 5% of their income from alcohol, tobacco, pork-related products, weapons, conventional banking or insurance companies and adult entertainment. The fund’s returns are shared equitably among all investors — meaning no preferential treatment for certain investors.

We’ll keep your investments compliant

We conduct quarterly reviews to remove companies that are no longer Shariah-compliant and add new ones that are. Twice a year, our fund is audited by a third party to ensure accuracy and correct any non-compliant transactions. Dividend purification information is calculated by a third-party and is published on a quarterly basis.

Performance over time

Designed for investors who don’t plan to withdraw in the next 9+ years. If you can bear fluctuations and understand that there might be short-term periods of poor performance, this portfolio could be for you.

Total returns 
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See the big picture

Riskier portfolios are prone to swings in the short-term, but tend to have higher expected returns in the long run. No matter what your risk level, it’s typically best to stay invested over time.

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Halal investing that makes your money work harder

Automatic rebalancing

Portfolios are automatically rebalanced based on your deposits, withdrawals, or changes in your overall goals to ensure that your asset allocation stays consistent.

Thoughtful portfolio construction

Companies in WSHR are weighted by risk, not market capitalization. Companies are screened to perform well on a low-volatility, high-quality multi-factor score.

Dividend reinvestment

We’ll keep track of your dividends, and immediately reinvest them to purchase the ETFs that are underweight in your portfolio.

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Once you reach $100,000 with Wealthsimple, you’ll have access to a team of advisors who will help answer any questions – no matter how complex.

Our team is also here to guide you through every step of transferring your portfolio from another institution.

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Make the most of your money

Withstand market highs and lows with a well-diversified, Shariah-compliant portfolio tailored to you and your financial goals.