Spend, save, and get rewarded

Get 1% back when you spend. Earn 1.5% interest when you save.

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Get 1% back in cash, stock, or crypto when you pay with your Wealthsimple card.

No monthly fees, no FX fees, no account minimums, and no surprises.

Your wallet's new favourite card

Use anywhere Visa is accepted — in store, in apps, or online. Bonus: it won't affect your credit score.

Wealthsimple Save

Get rewarded for saving, too

Earn 1.5% interest with our no-fee Save account.

Instantly rewarding

Sign up in 3 minutes, earn rewards immediately. No paperwork — just fund your account, add to your mobile wallet and go.

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Simple and secure

Your money is protected up to $100,000 through CDIC. It's the same insurance you get with big banks — without the stuffy branches.

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Soon you canpay billsdirect deposite-transferskip the bank

Set your money in motion

Sign up and get 1% back in cash, stock, or crypto when you spend, and earn 1.5% interest when you save.


For starters: it’s 100% free to use and there are no fees. And it’s simple — it takes less than three minutes to download the app, set up your account, and start spending.

Plus, you’ll earn 1% back in stock, crypto, or cash on almost everything. It’d be like if your debit card got rid of all the hidden fees, and came with a rewards program.

First off: there are no annual fees! And unlike credit cards, the Wealthsimple card doesn’t require a credit check or any other qualifications.

And no, you’ll never need to worry about this card impacting your credit score.

Nope. We don’t charge any monthly account fees, exchange fees on foreign transactions, minimum balance fees, or ATM fees. That’s because we believe your money should stay in your pocket.

While your everyday spending account is completely fee-free, we offer a few other services (like stock trading, crypto, and managed investing) that have fees associated with them. If you’re using your everyday spending account with stock or crypto rewards, you may notice some fees associated with those accounts. Don’t worry – we do our best to keep those fees low and our pricing transparent.

Not a bank, but we are a FINTRAC-registered money services business (MSB), and we work closely with banking partners to keep your deposits safe.

Translation: we can offer a lot of the same perks and conveniences that banks do, without being registered as a bank.

It’s simple: download the app, tap “Spend” to open your account, add the card to your phone’s wallet, then add funds. No need to visit a branch or fill out any paperwork!

Your physical card will arrive by mail in a couple of weeks — but you can start earning rewards right away with the digital card.

Your everyday spending account comes with both a digital and physical card that you can manage right from the Wealthsimple app.

The app lets you manage your rewards and spending preferences, or lock your card if something happens to it. Your balances are all updated in real time, too — even if you’re using the physical card.

For crypto, you’ll be able to choose any of our 40+ coins that we offer as your reward. Whenever you spend, you’ll automatically earn 1% back in your chosen coin. If you don’t want to auto-buy a specific coin, your rewards balance is deposited to your Crypto account as cash.

Stock rewards are a little different: your 1% back will be awarded as a cash balance into your Stock & ETFs account, and from there you can buy whichever stock you like.

And don’t worry — you can change your mind any time and update your reward preferences right in the app. More details here.

You can use your card online and in-store everywhere Visa® is accepted.

And since Visa debit is accepted all over the world, you can use your Wealthsimple card while traveling (with a few exceptions and fees from Visa.)

You can also use the physical card to withdraw cash at ATMs Canada-wide. While we don’t charge any fees for withdrawing cash, you still might see a standard ATM fee (usually about $3.00) when you make a withdrawal at an ATM.

We’re releasing new features on a rolling basis. Keep an eye on this page for the latest feature announcements!

Earning is automatic with the right account! Open a Spend account and use your Wealthsimple card to get 1% back in cash, stocks, or crypto rewards on pretty much anything you buy. Get the full details here.

To earn 1.5% on your savings, just open a Save account. You’ll earn interest on your deposits. Learn more here.