Checks more boxes than a chequing account

The must-haves of a chequing account with the payoff of a high-interest savings account.

More interest than your everyday rate


When you open a Cash account


When you direct deposit over $500/paycheque


When you have $100,000 with Wealthsimple

Spend your money, reinvest your rewards

Instantly earn 1% back in stock, crypto, or cash, every time you spend with your Wealthsimple card. Have your rewards automatically reinvested for you — no need to lift a finger.

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Designed for investors

Earnings on every dollar

The money in your Cash account is always working hard for you — whether it’s earning interest, or being reinvested in your other Wealthsimple accounts.

Faster access to your funds

Get paid up to a full day early. Sign up for direct deposit with your employer, and your pay will land earlier than it would with any of the big banks.

Increased deposit coverage

Money in your Cash account is placed in trust with up to 3 CDIC member institutions to extend CDIC deposit protection for a combined $300,000. Your money is better protected, and you can access it when you need it.

$0 account fees

Why pay a monthly fee for a chequing account? Your Wealthsimple Cash account has no monthly fees, $0 minimum, and no overdraft penalties, either.

Auto-invest your pay

Direct deposit into your Cash account, and automatically buy stocks, ETFs, or crypto. As soon as your pay hits, the money will be invested.

Send and receive e‑transfers

Send up to $5,000 per day or $10,000 per week to anyone, anywhere with Interac e-Transfer®.

Pay bills

Pay your credit card, mortgage, hydro, and more with pre-authorized debit or one-time bill pay.

No foreign exchange fees

Aside from Mastercard's standard exchange rate, we don't charge any conversion fees while you're spending abroad or online. Spend in local currency anywhere the Cash card is accepted.

Earn more interest when you consolidate your assets

Pricing details
$1 in assets


Get started with simple, low-fee financial tools.

  • Earn 1% interest on your Cash account

  • Earn 3% interest when you direct deposit $500/paycheque


Cash account interest

$100,000 in assets


Make the most of your investments with lower fees and tailored advice.

  • 20% lower management fee on your managed investments

  • Financial goal setting with an advisor


Cash account interest

$500,000 in assets


Build your legacy with expert guidance from your dedicated team of advisors.

  • All Core and Premium benefits

  • Dedicated team of advisors


Cash account interest

Ready to break up with your bank?

Open an account in minutes. You can start spending, saving, and earning right away — no visit to a branch required.


Unlike some high interest rate offers you might see out there, ours don't end after a limited promotional period. There’s always a chance the Bank of Canada makes a move and we follow suit, but we have no set end date for these great rates. See here for details.

For starters: it’s 100% free to use and there are no fees. And it’s simple — it takes less than three minutes to download the app, set up your account, and start spending.

Plus, you’ll earn 1% back in stock, crypto, or cash on almost everything. It’d be like if your debit card got rid of all the hidden fees, and came with a rewards program.

First off: there are no annual fees! And unlike credit cards, the Wealthsimple card doesn’t require a credit check or any other qualifications.

And no, you’ll never need to worry about this card impacting your credit score.

We don't charge any monthly account fees or minimum balance fees.

We don't charge a foreign transaction (FX) fee. Usually, banks charge you around 3% to use your Canadian credit card in another country. We, on the other hand, don't do that. There is still a 1% currency conversion fee charged by Mastercard (not us!) when you make a purchase in another currency.

We don't charge ATM fees. The ATM might though, so make sure you check the number on the screen (and do the currency conversion) before withdrawing.

No, but we are a FINTRAC-registered money services business, and we work closely with banking partners to keep deposits safe. This means we can offer a lot of the same perks and conveniences of traditional chequing and savings accounts.

It’s simple: download the app, tap “Spend” to open your account, add the card to your phone’s wallet, then add funds. No need to visit a branch or fill out any paperwork!

You can start earning rewards right away with your digital card. If you would also like to order a physical card through the app, this may take a couple of weeks to arrive by mail as it is made to order.

Your everyday spending account comes with both a digital and physical card that you can manage right from the Wealthsimple app.

The app lets you manage your rewards and spending preferences, or lock your card if something happens to it. Your balances are all updated in real time, too — even if you’re using the physical card.

The balance in your Wealthsimple Cash account is held in trust for you with members of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC), a federal Crown corporation. CDIC protects eligible deposits held at CDIC member institutions in case of a member institution’s failure. 

Note: Wealthsimple isn’t a bank, and we are not a CDIC member. That said, we’ve partnered with a number of CDIC-member, federally regulated Canadian Financial Institutions to effectively extend CDIC deposit protection to WS Cash account holders for a combined amount (up to $300,000 CAD) in the unlikely event the CDIC members were to fail.

Coverage is free and automatic. Learn more here.

For crypto, you’ll be able to choose any of our 40+ coins that we offer as your reward. Whenever you spend, you’ll automatically earn 1% back in your chosen coin. If you don’t want to auto-buy a specific coin, your rewards balance is deposited to your Crypto account as cash.

Stock rewards are a little different: your 1% back will be awarded as a cash balance into your Stock & ETFs account, and from there you can buy whichever stock you like.

And don’t worry — you can change your mind any time and update your reward preferences right in the app. More details here.

You can use your card online and in-store everywhere Mastercard® is accepted.

And since Mastercard is accepted all over the world, you can use your Wealthsimple card while traveling (with a few exceptions and fees from Mastercard).

You can also use the physical card to withdraw cash at ATMs Canada-wide. While we don’t charge any fees for withdrawing cash, you still might see a standard ATM fee (usually about $3.00) when you make a withdrawal at an ATM.

We’re releasing new features on a rolling basis. Keep an eye on this page for the latest feature announcements!

Earning is automatic with the right account! Open a Spend account and use your Wealthsimple card to get 1% back in cash, stocks, or crypto rewards on pretty much anything you buy. Get the full details here.

Right now, we have just about everything you'd need from a chequing account – but there's still more on the way. Soon you'll be able to: open joint accounts, send cheques, schedule recurring payments, schedule Interac e-transfers®, and more. Stay tuned!