Finance isn’t just a word, it’s a profession, an industry and a way to make money sound intimidating. But the principles of finance are actually pretty simple. Educate yourself on them, and you’ll be in your way to mastering the art of money.

How to Make a Budget

It's never too late to learn one of the most essential life skills: making and sticking to a budget. Let us show you how to budget like a champion.

How to Switch Banks

If your current bank isn’t meeting your needs, it’s time for a change. These steps will teach you how to switch banks.

What’s a good credit score?

Here’s the simple, three-digit answer you’re likely seeking. Anything above 700 is considered a “good” credit score.

How To Make Money Online

Making extra money used to require working nights at the mall and spending your Saturday nights babysitting someone else’s kids. While those methods are awesome, there’s a new, potentially easier and faster way to make money: online.

The Ultimate Guide to Money Management

Managing your money is deceptively difficult. Even those with a lot of it can easily put themselves in a financial hole. And those who struggle to make ends meet have an even more difficult time making sure all their needs—both current and future—are covered.

How to Prepare for a Recession

While we like to talk about “the economy” as if it’s a static entity, it’s actually more like a living, changing ecosystem. It fluctuates unpredictably, sometimes wildly, and can look very different from one year to the next.

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Automating Your Finances

We'll show you how to automate your finances so that you never find yourself choosing between a new pair of shoes or funding your future.

Tax Calculator

Our free tax calculator will help you understand how much you owe in taxes, along with other useful information.

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What Is Inflation Rate in Canada 2022 | Wealthsimple

Understanding how inflation affects your finances will help you make informed decisions regarding saving and investing your money in the long run. If you’re unaware of how inflation affects your money, you could inadvertently make decisions that cause you to lose money or miss out on opportunities to grow your money.

What is Fintech? Explanation & Examples

Fintech is a word that combines the terms “financial” and “technology” and has come to refer to any company that seeks to use new technology to disrupt the financial services industry. Learn more here.

Debt-to-Equity Ratio Explained

The classical definition of the debt-to-equity ratio is a company’s total liabilities divided by its shareholder’s equity. Another version of this calculation takes only the company’s long-term debt divided by shareholder’s equity.

A Definition of Times Interest Earned

Times interest earned is a ratio that measures the company’s operating income in comparison to the amount of interest paid on its debt obligations. This guide will show you how it works.

What is Time Value of Money?

The time value of money is a concept often used in capital budgeting to evaluate two or more projects. This guide will help you understand how this important concept is applicable to your investments.

Leverage: Explanation, Example & Pros & Cons

Financial leverage is a powerful investment tool for businesses and investors, but it comes with its own risks.