How to find an old pension

Finding it difficult to find an old pension? You’re not alone. The Financial Times reports estimates that £20bn of retirement cash is sitting in lost pensions in the UK. That’s why we launched our lost pension finding tool. All you need is your surname, the company you worked for, and when you worked there. We’ll figure out the rest — while you stick the kettle on. It’s just another way we’re helping make saving and investing easier for everyone. To get started simply sign up here.

If you’re the kind that would lose your head if it wasn’t attached to you — listen up. Consolidating your pensions in one place means you’ll never lose track of them again. It also allows you to pursue a coherent investment strategy, specifically tailored to your investment goals. Times change, and so do your circumstances and some pension plans will look about as attractive now as that pair of Gordon Brown-era jorts sitting at the very bottom of your drawer.

If you have any questions about how to find your pension(s), how well it’s performing or how much you should be saving to enable you to have the retirement you want, you can book a complimentary pension consultation with one our certified pension advisers.

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