What's the best robo advisor?


We're biased, of course. But we have good reason to be.

There are a handful of huge life decisions adults have to make. Which career should I pursue? Which of these adorable suitors should I choose as a life partner? You want kids with that? But no single decision may be more perplexing than choosing who’s going to look after your money.

The fact that you’re searching for a robo-advisor over a traditional investment manager suggests that you’ve been doing your homework, and understand that investors like Warren Buffet, perhaps the greatest stock picker in recorded history, has pronounced over and over that passive investments like those offered by robo-advisors will consistently outperform the high-fee, actively managed unit trusts that dominated the financial industry a generation ago. But which roboadvisor is the best? Does Wealthify offer lower fees than Nutmeg? Will Scalable Capital or Moneyfarm provide better long-term returns? And is Moola an advisory or a bottled breakfast smoothie? The truth is the fee structures don’t differ dramatically from one robo-advisor to another; all charge between .6%-.75% annually for the beginning investor. All offer portfolios featuring market-tracking ETFs, and all firms’ investments are protected by the FSCS up to £50,000 against bank failure. Honestly, the biggest difference that distinguishes on from another is the feature you’ll likely need the most: human guidance.

Unlike any of our competition, Wealthsimple offers every client the ability to speak with a qualified investment adviser at absolutely no cost whenever the need arises. We’re always here for you. If you’d like to watch your little nest egg grow big, and begin a long, beautiful friendship with Wealthsimple, start here.

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