Personal Finance 101

Personal finance is the art of managing your money. How much to save, where to invest and how to budget. None of us are born knowing how to put together a smart, simple financial plan. That’s why we’re here.


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Investing 101: Investing Basics For Beginners

Want to invest like a pro? Learn the basics of investing from us and we'll have you on the road to investing in no time.

How the Stock Market Works

Losing sleep wondering how the stock market works? Today's your lucky day. We'll impart all you need to know to become a market pro in...

Active vs Passive Investing

Not sure of the difference between these two investment philosophies? Not for long you're not! We'll set you straight and even tell you...

Financial Advisors: How To Choose & The Cost

Find out exactly what a financial advisor does, what they cost, and why you might need one. We'll also give you our best advice...

How to Invest Money Wisely

All the fundamentals the beginning investor should know to make wise investment decisions. Find out how and where you should invest your...

Best Investing Strategies

There's no one-size-fits-all best investing strategy—everyone's needs and goals are different. But there are some basics that most...


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How To Save Money - Top Saving Tips

You're wondering how to save money. It can be tough, but we have all the tips and tactics you need to get started saving money.

How to create a savings plan

Find out how to create a solid savings plan. Foolproof advice to help you get your nest egg started and plan for Future You.

How much cash should I keep as emergency savings?

The general rule of thumb is that you should have three to six months of expenses saved away.


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What's a SIPP?

It's a self-invested personal pension that helps you save for retirement.

What's an Individual Savings Account (ISA)?

It's a kind of tax-free savings account.

What's a Junior Individual Savings Account (JISA)?

It's a kind of tax-free savings account that parents can open up for their children.

What's the JISA contribution limit?

In the 2020/21 tax year, it's £9,000.

What is a Brokerage Account

At its core, a brokerage account holds the cash you need to buy securities. But finding the account that’s right for you is a matter of...

Chequing vs Savings Account

What's the difference between a savings and chequing account — we compare them both and let you in on the pros and cons of each.


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How to Make a Budget

It's never too late to learn one of the most essential life skills: making and sticking to a budget. Let us show you how to budget like a...

How to Switch Banks

If your current bank isn’t meeting your needs, it’s time for a change. These steps will teach you how to switch banks.

What’s a good credit score?

950 is a good score. As is 690. Come to think of it, 4 is quite good too. Confusing? Allow us to explain.

How To Make Money Online

Making extra money used to require working nights at the mall and spending your Saturday nights babysitting someone else’s kids. While...

The Ultimate Guide to Money Management

Managing your money is deceptively difficult. Even those with a lot of it can easily put themselves in a financial hole. And those who...

How to Prepare for a Recession

While we like to talk about “the economy” as if it’s a static entity, it’s actually more like a living, changing ecosystem. It...


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When Can I Retire?

Flummoxed about the exact age you should retire? This easily-followed guide will provide you with all the factors you'll need to take into...

Retirement Strategies

Retirement can be your second childhood — but hopefully with a lot more money. We've got a few helpful financial strategies to keep your...

Financial Independence Retire Early

Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) is becoming increasingly popular among millennials who want to leave the rat race of normal...

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How to Invest in Index Funds

Index funds function like a slice of a particular index market by mirroring its composition and performance. This can be great for passive investors, but also comes with some caveats.


How much cash should I keep as emergency savings?

The general rule of thumb is that you should have three to six months of expenses saved away.


Should I open a Help to Buy: ISA or a Lifetime ISA?

It's complicated, but if you plan on buying your first home in the near future, you'll want to read on.


What protection does a trust account give me?

There are a couple of great benefits associated with trusts.


How to Retire at 50

Done with being a working stiff and ready to let loose as a spry young retiree? We've got your guide to retiring early. Really early.


What are dividends?

They are sums of money given to a company's investors, representing their cut of the profits.


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