When's the 2018 tax deadline?


April 30, for most people.

In addition to Canada Day, there is another, somewhat less celebratory date on the calendar that every Canadian adult should know by heart—April 30, aka, oh *#%$ it’s tax deadline day.

It’s true, observance of tax deadline day lacks the delicious grilled meats and fireworks of Canada Day, but it does make one truly appreciate the arrival of May 1 — the day that marks a full year before **#%&!@$ *tax deadline day rolls around again. (If April 30 falls on a weekend, you have until the following Monday to postmark your tax returns or submit electronically via NETFILE.) If you, your spouse, or your common law partner are one of those self-employed gig economy types, the CRA will allow you to file your returns on or before June 15, but it’s crucial that you pay any tax balance you’re carrying from the previous year. The CRA loves to get your money, so they’ll take it in pretty much any form imaginable—credit or debit cards, cash, or a debit from your financial institution. But make sure to pay your tax bill by April 30 or get ready for the CRA’s late fees. Trust us, it’s not worth it.

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