How does Wealthsimple handle security and encryption?


Your security and trust are critical to us. We are committed to protecting your account using the highest standards of security available.

Encryption: We use state of the art security to protect your data. Our 256-bit SSL certificate encrypts all information transmitted between your browser and our web servers. We use it to keep your account information safe including passwords and personal information.

Backups: Wealthsimple employs state of the art back-up and firewall technology to ensure that your information is always available, no matter what happens. Our system updates back-ups throughout the day, every day.

Behind the Scenes: Wealthsimple’s multi-pronged approach to security ensures you are protected at all times. We adhere to industry standards for protecting your data, securing our web application, and processing all transactions. We’ve created policies across our entire organization to ensure that Wealthsimple offers the highest level of security.

Report a security issue We appreciate and respect responsible disclosure. Report a security issue to us and we will respond within 24 hours.

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