What is GenuTax?

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Luisa Rollenhagen

Luisa Rollenhagen is a writer and editor who lives in Berlin.

When taxes are due, many of us fall into a similar routine: Scratching our heads at all the different forms we need to submit, digging out that forgotten receipt from the bottom of the drawer, and searching for professional help when all else fails. For many people, that means turning to a tax preparation software like GenuTax in order to ease the headache of filing tax returns, claiming credits, and declaring multiple sources of income. Here’s a guide to the Canadian software company.

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What is GenuTax?

GenuTax allows Canadians to file their taxes electronically for free (the company asks you whether you want to donate a certain amount). GenuTax is only Windows-compatible, and needs to be downloaded. It is not a web-based product.

What services does GenuTax offer?

While many tax preparation programs limit the amount of returns you can prepare and submit, GenuTax allows you to prepare returns for up to 20 individuals, with no income limits. You can also file returns for past years, reaching all the way back to 2003.

GenuTax is equipped to handle a wide breadth of financial scenarios. Capital gains, rental properties, small businesses, and multi-household and freelance incomes can all be processed and prepared by GenuTax.

The only limitations of GenuTax is that it’s only Windows compatible, doesn’t store information in a cloud, and doesn’t allow you to file a provincial return for Quebéc. Its customer service options are extremely limited: You can only reach them via email, and telephone assistance is not possible.

Do I have to pay to have my taxes filed?

No, GenuTax is a free service. However, the company encourages users to donate something in order to support the software. This “free/pay-what-you-want” model can be found in a few other tax prep programs, including SimpleTax, which work online and are compatible with more operating systems.

Where are the GenuTax offices?

GenuTax is based in Ontario but offers no brick-and-mortar locations. .

Last Updated October 10, 2018

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