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Katherine Gustafson is an author and personal finance expert from Portland, Oregon. She writes about investing for Wealthsimple as well as having written for Forbes, Business Insider, TechCrunch, and LendingTree. Katherine is a past recipient of the Izzy Award for outstanding achievement in independent media. She has a BA from Amherst College and an MA from Boston University.

Podcasts have grown exponentially over the last few years, with more than 2 million shows available for streaming. It’s an accessible way to reach audiences on smartphones, tablets, and other personal electronic devices.

Personal finance topics—such as saving money, budgetinginvestingcryptocurrencies and building wealth—are a big part of that growth. Let’s look at the most popular personal finance podcasts and what they can teach us about money.

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With so many personal finance podcasts available, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in real estate investing, paying down your debt or investing in cryptocurrencies, you can find shows that cover the basics.

Before making any big financial moves, it’s important to do your research and learn the basics. Podcasts are a convenient way to learn more since they can be streamed on most portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

We reviewed the most popular personal finance podcasts in the Apple Podcast Business section to find the top 10 shows that will help you get your finances back on track. (Keep in mind that most personal finance podcasts are categorized under “Business.”) Check out the podcasts on our list for ideas of where to get started researching personal finance topics that interest you. Wealthsimple’s library of educational content also has lots of articles on personal finance basics to help you learn more.

The Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey is a popular personal finance guru and radio show host. He is well-known for his zero-debt stance and no-nonsense advice on a variety of personal finance topics. His podcast, The Ramsey Show, is similar in format to his call-in radio show, with listeners calling to ask personal finance questions and Ramsey offering advice.

Unlike the radio show, which runs for a couple of hours, the podcast episodes average 40 minutes, making them easier to digest on your commute. Topics range from paying off debt to investing and saving for college. If you need motivation to help you tackle your loans, the debt-free stories are great for helping you stay the course.

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

If you’ve ever considered investing in real estate, the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast is a great place to start. Co-hosts Brandon Turner, David Greene and Joshua Dorkin interview hundreds of real estate investors and entrepreneurs to learn about their successes, failures, motivations, and lessons learned.

This podcast will help you understand the ins and outs of real estate investing and what it takes to succeed in about an hour. Don’t expect to find a system or a method that will tell you how to invest in real estate. Instead you’ll find strategies real people have used to become successful. Interviews range from big names such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki to everyday investors who’ve built a successful real estate business.

Financial Feminist

Tori Dunlap saved her first $100,000 by age 25 and chronicled her journey to financial success. Her podcast, the Financial Feminist, debut in May 2021 and quickly hit No. 1 on the Apple Business charts. It has been downloaded over a million times and consistently ranks as one of the top personal finance podcasts.

While Dunlap offers personal finance advice with a feminist slant, she also focuses on marginalized groups and systemic oppression. She offers advice on how to earn more, spend less, and build wealth with a nuanced perspective that considers systemic issues.

Shows vary in length from quick 15-minute actionable tips to special hour-long guest interviews about topics such as investing, the bail bond industry, and living more sustainably. So far Dunlap has released only one season of the podcast but has plans to release season two in 2022.

Earn Your Leisure

Earn Your Leisure is a podcast co-hosted by Rashad Bilal, a financial advisor, and Troy Millings, an elementary school physical education teacher in the Bronx, New York. Millings and Bilal teamed up to build a full curriculum on finance for students.

They wanted to expand their reach and started the Earn Your Leisure podcast in 2019. The podcast gives a behind-the-scenes look into entrepreneurs, business owners, and entertainment and sports figures, breaking down business models and focusing on the latest finance trends.

Some episodes feature interviews and can be more than an hour long, while others offer quick personal finance basics on stocks, real estate, and more. The podcast bills itself as a “college business class mixed with pop culture,” which keeps topics fresh and current while teaching important personal finance lessons.

Modern Finance

Entrepreneur Kevin Rose interviews experts and fellow entrepreneurs about modern financial tools such as bitcoin, NFTs, robo-investing, yield farming and more.

This is one of the few personal finance podcasts that focuses specifically on modern financial tools rather than just general personal finance topics. It can help you better understand blockchain, crypto yield, NFT art, crypto earning credit cards and more.

The Clark Howard Podcast

Clark Howard is a money expert, radio show host, and consumer reporter who offers practical advice on a variety of personal finance topics. Topics include practical money-saving tips, consumer advice, saving basics, hot deals, economic news, and more.

His podcast, The Clark Howard Show, receives more than a million monthly downloads. Episodes average about thirty minutes. New content is uploaded semi-weekly.

Howard answers listener questions and offers advice on personal finance topics such as financing a home, planning for your retirement, buying a car, shopping for insurance, and so on.


Have you ever considered what your life would be like if you didn’t have to work? Financial independence, or FI for short, is a movement within the personal finance community focused on optimizing your finances so you can pursue your interests.

Jonathan Mendosa and Brad Barrett host the ChooseFI podcast and share their personal experiences, discuss financial independence topics and how to design the life you want.

Episodes average around 45 minutes to an hour and feature guest interviews about personal finance topics such as achieving financial independence, investing, and paying for college. New episodes are released semi-weekly.

The Investing for Beginners Podcast

Investing for Beginners offers investment guidance basics on topics such as Roth vs 401(k) accounts, capital gains, and market timing.

Hosts David Ahern and Andrew Sether discuss investing basics, current investing trends and offer advice on what to do in certain situations, such as old 401(k) accounts when moving jobs. Some shows feature expert interviews while others focusing on investing basics.

The BiggerPockets Money Podcast

The BiggerPockets Money Podcast is another offering from the BiggerPockets family of podcasts. Hosts Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench interview thought leaders and money experts about saving more, earning more, and building wealth.

Topics focus on financial independence and retirement planning, but they cover a variety of personal finance topics that apply to anyone looking to invest and grow their wealth.

White Coat Investor Podcast

The White Coat Investor Podcast is hosted by James Dahle, MD, a practicing emergency medicine physician, who focuses on personal finance basics for high-income individuals such as physicians, medical students, residents, dentists, and more.

Topics focus on personal finance, building wealth, and paying off debt. Episode lengths range from 15 minutes to 50 minutes, and feature case studies, guest interviews, personal finance basics, and practical advice such as how to start a medical practice.

Last Updated October 4, 2021

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