Socially Responsible Investing

Invest in a better world

Get the same award-winning Wealthsimple features in a portfolio that advances socially responsible initiatives.

Invest according to your values

Invest in socially responsible initiatives across the globe, so you can be well-diversified while helping build the world you want.

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How we build your SRI portfolio

We invest your money across the entire stock market using a range of global SRI funds that are carefully screened and weighted for environmental, social and governance factors, as well as for performance.

  • 8%UKSR
  • 6.96%SUUS
  • 2.11%IESG
  • 0%UB45
  • 0%SUJS
  • 1.78%SUES
  • 1%INRG
  • 28%IGLT
  • 4%UC98
  • 48%GIL5
  • Adjust Risk level to see composition:Risk Level

    ConservativeBalancedHigh Growth
    • UKSR
      Investing in large, mid and small cap companies listed in the UK, across industries
    • SUUS
      Exposure to US large and mid cap companies over a range of industries
    • IESG
      Over 100 companies spread across Europe and a variety of industries
    • UB45
      Investments in companies listed in developed countries in the Pacific region
    • SUJS
      Providing exposure to c.60 Japanese companies
    • SUES
      Exposure to c. 180 large and mid cap companies across 24 emerging market countries
    • INRG
      Investments in global companies leading the way in delivering clean, sustainable energy
    • IGLT
      Investments across a range of bonds issued by the UK government
    • UC98
      Exposure to USD bonds issued by companies which meet specific ESG criteria, across sectors
    • GIL5
      Exposure to bonds issued by the UK government maturing in the next 5 years

    Our approach

    • Most SRI portfolios use either negative or positive screening methods. We use both to better align your investments with your values.

    • Our SRI portfolios are globally diversified and designed to help investors build wealth in the long term. There is no intended trade-off on returns - we believe you can still do well by doing good.

    • Offered at the low fees we’re known for with a £5,000 account minimum.

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