Wealthsimple North American Green Bond Index ETF (WSGB)

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About WSGB

WSGB provides core fixed income exposure while funding projects linked to environmental and social justice. By investing in WSGB, socially-minded investors can have an impact in the world while investing in the diversification benefits of fixed income, by investing in USD and CAD green and social bonds, hedged to CAD.

Green, Social, and Sustainable Bonds

WSGB holds three categories of bonds, all verified by the Climate Bond Institute annually for proper management and use of proceeds; you can read more about their certification process here.

Green bonds are issued by companies and governments to directly fund projects related to climate change, climate adaptation, and carbon reduction. Green bonds held by WSGB fund solar panels, building energy efficiency, and green transit projects.

Social bonds are issued to fund projects advancing social causes; WSGB helps advance projects related to pandemic response, affordable housing, and food security. Sustainable bonds are similar, but fund projects which combine the goals of green and social bonds.

Low cost

Our products have market-leading fees. We charge a 0.25% management fee for WSGB, well below any competitor in Canada.

For more information on our ETF, you can find the Prospectus here, the fund facts here, and information on the Solactive Green Bond USD CAD DM Hedged Index here.

Weighting & Holdings

Industry Weight

Geographic Weight

Top Holdings

  • European Investment Bank 2025


  • European Investment Bank 2031


  • Israel Green Bond 2023


  • Ontario Green Bond 2029


  • European Investment Bank 2029


  • German Development Bank 2029


  • JP Morgan 2027


  • International Bank for Reconstruction and Development 2025


  • German Development Bank 2026


  • United Bank of Africa


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