Wealthsimple Developed Markets ex North America Socially Responsible Index ETF (WSRD)


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in the last year

About WSRD

Environmental values

We avoid companies that contribute to fossil fuel extraction and usage, are very carbon-intensive relative to their industry, or are involved in coal mining or power generation.

Social values and controversies

We avoid companies involved in human rights controversies (for example, private prisons); defence contractors and weapon manufacturers; casino, gaming, and adult entertainment companies; and manufacturers of alcohol and tobacco.

Low cost

Our products have market-leading fees. 0.2% for North America and 0.25% for developed markets ex-North America.

Superior portfolio construction

Companies in the index are weighted by risk, not market capitalization, and companies in the bottom quartile of a value, quality, and momentum multifactor score are excluded.

Gender diversity

We avoid companies without gender diversity at the board level and vote against proposals that would take company boards below our targets

Portfolio Metrics

Environmental Impact

  • Weighted average carbon intensity (tCO2/$million sales)


  • Reduction in carbon intensity


Aligned with Paris Agreement and the IEA Sustainable Development Scenario. Data provided by ISS ESG.

Industry Weight

Geographic Weight

Top Holdings

  • Sony Corp


  • Pola Orbis Holdings Inc


  • James Hardie Industries PLC


  • Boliden AB


  • Ito En Ltd


  • Fuji Media Holdings Inc


  • Sugi Holdings Co Ltd


  • adidas AG


  • Investment AB Latour


  • Industria de Diseno Textil SA


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