Introducing Wealthsimple Halal Investing

Our Halal Investing portfolio is a simple and low-cost way to grow your money for the long term, while complying with Islamic investing principles.

Our Halal Investing principles

All investments screened by a third-party committee of Shariah scholars.

No investment in companies that profit from gambling, arms, tobacco or other restricted industries.

No businesses that derive significant income from interest on loans.

Simple, honest pricing

Our account minimum is $0 and we charge a fraction of what traditional advisors do. And you'll never pay any trading, account transfer, or rebalancing fees.

£0-£100K ∙ 0.7% Fees

Wealthsimple Basic

£100K+ ∙ 0.5% Fees

Wealthsimple Black

  • Automatic housekeeping. We keep your portfolio balanced when your investments get out of sync.
  • Dividend reinvesting. Your dividends are automatically reinvested so you can take advantage of the magical powers of compounding.
  • Regular saving. Deposit money and set up direct debits whenever you want.
  • Expert investment advice. Call, chat or email us when you need a helping hand.
  • First £5,000 managed free. Try us out, your first £5k is managed on the house for the first year.
  • All basic features.
  • Lower fees. Pay a lower management fee of 0.5%.
  • Investment planning. Schedule a portfolio review or planning session with one of our accredited investment advisers.
  • VIP airline lounge access. Enjoy global access to more than 1,000 airline lounges in over 400 cities.

Meet our money experts

Our team of financial advisors will help make a plan to meet your goals, whether you're buying a new house or planning a family. We're also here to help you open an account, walk you through the details, and answer any questions you may have.

Need financial planning advice? Take advantage of our free Portfolio Review service, and our team will look at all of your non-Wealthsimple accounts to make sure you're being as smart as possible with your money.