Wealthsimple Smart Savings

A low-risk investment account that's a better place for your extra cash with returns X higher than the national savings average. Start now and you could Returns are per year, paid monthly, and can change without notice. earn .*


No minimum account size


No "introductory" rates


Unlimited transfers

Savings that work harder

It's got all the good stuff you've come to expect from us: low fees, optimized rates, easy to use.

  • High-yield rates: Interest rates are for the first $100,000. For accounts over $100,000, you get a varied rate. Interest rates are per year, calculated daily, paid monthly and can change without notice. interest rate: you could earn a * annual yield, which is times higher than the FDIC national savings account average.
  • Seamless integration: control all your accounts from Wealthsimple's award-winning app.
  • Free transfers: make as many contributions or withdrawals as you like and never pay a fee.
Savings gold plane

Save or invest $100,000 across accounts and get Wealthsimple Black

  • VIP airline lounge access: our free Priority Pass gets you and a guest into 1,000+ airline lounges worldwide.
  • Lower investing fees: if you also invest with us, Black gives you even lower investing fees.
  • Dedicated Money Coach: one of our financial experts will design a plan to meet your financial goals.
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Keep your money safe

Security is our top priority. We use the highest degree of protection to safeguard your money.

  • Your money is automatically insured
  • State-of-the-art security and encryption
  • Over 100,000 clients use Wealthsimple