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Manage wealth and build a legacy with a dedicated team of experts when you deposit £500k+ across your Wealthsimple accounts.

A dedicated team of experts to optimise your wealth

Your Wealthsimple advisers will deliver sophisticated financial advice whenever you need it - all at a 0.5% management fee (plus fund fees averaging 0.20%). Our experts have years of experience advising clients of all net worths, including retirees, professionals, and business owners.

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Planning for your financial future

Your dedicated adviser will design a customised budget and cash flow plan based on your financial goals. Whether that's establishing smart timelines or preserving wealth for future generations.

Portfolio monitoring tailored to you

Keep your portfolio on track through monthly calls and portfolio monitoring with your dedicated adviser. They'll ensure your investments are always optimised for your goals and timelines, even when life unexpectedly changes.

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If you're new to Wealthsimple, you can access the Generation plan by signing up and funding your account with £500,000 or more. If you're an existing client, once your net deposits reach £500,000 you'll automatically be eligible for Generation. We'll send you an email within a week of you crossing the £500,000 mark with more details about the program.

To qualify for Wealthsimple Generation, you must have and maintain £500,000 in net deposits in Wealthsimple accounts. However, there's an exception for retirees who are withdrawing as part of their retirement income strategy.

Your dedicated adviser can provide more information about what withdrawals will impact your Generation status.

Yes! Both you and the other member(s) of your household get the perks of Generation if you have combined net deposits of £500,000 or more across your accounts.