Wealthsimple Black

Invest £100,000+ with Wealthsimple and you'll pay lower fees, get an investment planning session, and enjoy VIP airline lounge access.

Pay lower fees

Wealthsimple Black clients pay a management fee of 0.5%, even lower than our already skimpy fees. That difference can add up to tens of thousands of pounds over time.

With investment your capital is at risk.

Keep more of your money

+$X We've assumed a balanced portfolio of equities and bonds with a return of 4.5% per year. The Savings in Fees figure represents the difference between compounded returns net of WS’s fees of 0.7% and the same returns net of fees of 0.5% (both with fund charges of 0.21%). We assume a monthly £1,000 direct debit. A traditional investor is charged 2.56% (Grant Thornton).savings in fees over 30 years
Wealthsimple Black
Wealthsimple Basic
Traditional investor
Year 30
Projections are not indicative of future performance. Unlike with savings accounts, your capital is at risk.

Personal training with your Money Coach

Schedule a portfolio review or planning session with one of our accredited investment advisers.


VIP airline lounge access

Enjoy global access to 1,000+ airline lounges in over 400 cities with a complimentary Priority Pass membership for you plus one travel companion.