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Manage wealth and build a legacy with a dedicated team of experts when you or your household deposit $500k+ across your Wealthsimple accounts.

A dedicated team of experts to optimize your wealth

Your Wealthsimple advisors will deliver sophisticated financial advice whenever you need it — all at a 0.4% management fee. Our experts have years of experience advising clients of all net worths, including retirees, professionals, and business owners.

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A holistic look at your financial future

We'll design a personalized financial report customized to your goals. Whether that's establishing an income strategy for retirement or preserving wealth for future generations. It includes net worth and cash flow analysis, financial projections, and actions to take.

Portfolios tailor-made for you

We'll build you portfolios tailor made for your unique financial goals and exposures. Plus, with individualized asset allocation, tax-loss harvesting, and tax-efficient funds, your accounts are optimized for tax savings.

Financial health meets personal health

Combine your financial and personal wellness with 50% off a Comprehensive Health Plan from Medcan. The package of services gives you comprehensive picture of your health now and any risks you might face in the future.

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