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Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and 50+ other coins.

Get up to $5,000 instantly

Sign up and start trading in just minutes. Instant deposits let you buy crypto right away — no need to wait for funding.

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Stay on top of the market

Crypto news in the app gets you real time insights for top coins. And with price alerts, you can make trading decisions quickly — without being glued to your phone.

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Send and receive with ease

Transfers let you move your crypto to or from Wealthsimple in just a few taps.

Call your own shots

Set a target price to buy or sell, and we’ll automatically execute your order if the coin hits that price.

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Keep your crypto safe

Insured and protected

Insurance held by us and our custodial partners helps protect your crypto against crime like hacks or theft. Our partners have over $200M in cold storage coverage each.

Held by us, owned by you

Your crypto is held in trust and stored between us and our custodial partners. In the unlikely event of insolvency, your crypto is still yours.

Compliant all the way

We built our platform with regulatory guidance from the get-go. We work with regulators to make sure our app is reducing risk for crypto where possible.

All-in-one pricing

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Simple transaction fees

We charge a 1.5–2% operational fee per transaction.

What’s included?

Transaction fees include the cost of our liquidity providers, operational fees, and safe coin storage.

No surprises

We don’t charge commission on trades, or any fees to deposit or withdraw your coins.

Set your money in motion

Get started with secure and simple crypto.


The majority of your coins are held in offline cold storage with our custodial partners. All of our custodial partners are regulated entities themselves — and they have over $200M in insurance coverage each.

The remainder of your coins are stored with us in hot wallets. Those have coverage too! We’ve partnered with Coincover to make sure that in the very, very unlikely event that there’s a hack, you’ll have additional ways to recover your assets.

Cryptocurrencies can only be held in a non-registered account with Wealthsimple Crypto.

Wealthsimple Crypto is made available through the Wealthsimple Trade app. Wealthsimple Digital Assets Inc. (WDA) offers Wealthsimple Crypto to Canadians under time-limited registration as a restricted dealer through the Canadian Securities Administrators' Regulatory Sandbox. Crypto-assets purchased and held in an account with Wealthsimple Crypto are not protected by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund, the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other investor protection insurance scheme. You can find more information about Wealthsimple Digital Assets in our Client Relationship Disclosure.

Our app is designed to be simple — but if you run into any questions with your account, you can always contact our support team by chat, email, or phone and they’ll be happy to help. And yes, you’ll always be put in touch with a real human.

For questions about crypto trading in general, our Crypto Help Centre and news in the app should keep you in-the-loop with everything you need to get started.