Wealthsimple Black

When you invest over $100,000 at Wealthsimple, you pay lower fees and taxes, get a financial planning session, and enjoy VIP airline lounge access.

Pay lower fees and taxes

Wealthsimple Black clients pay a lower management fee of 0.4%, and get additional tax-efficiency features like Tax-Loss Harvesting and Tax-Efficient Funds.

Keep more of your money

Over 30 years with
Wealthsimple Black:
+$X savings in taxes
+$X savings in fees
The Savings in Fees line represents the difference between compounded returns net of WS’s fees of 0.5% and the same returns net of fees of 0.4%. We assume a monthly $1000 auto-deposit. This represents our estimate of how tax-efficient techniques could impact a portfolio, all factors equal.
Our assumptions
Wealthsimple Black
Wealthsimple Basic
Traditional investor
Year 30

One-on-one session with your Money Coach

Get a financial planning session with one of our expert advisers to help you meet your financial goals.


VIP airline lounge access

Enjoy global access to more than 1,000 airline lounges in over 400 cities with a complimentary Priority Pass membership for you and one traveling companion.