Why we're doing this

Why we're doing this

Why we're doing this

Why we're doing this

Our mission is to help everyone achieve financial freedom

Access to financial freedom is a fundamental human right.

Our purpose is to make sure everyone has the ability to exercise that right. Financial freedom means you have the power to control your financial destiny, to do the work you love, to provide for your loved ones, and to invest in your community.

We do that by making simple, sophisticated, and affordable financial products. And make sure they’re available to everyone.


Regardless of

Net Worth

“Okay,“ you might be saying.

“It's great to wave a flag and talk about power to the people. But how do you actually do it?”

Everyone In

The history of the world is the story of those who’ve had access to the tools that build wealth and those who haven’t. We want to change that history.

And we think technology is the vehicle for that change. Because, if you build it right, technology can be a tool to make things more fair, to create a system in which it doesn't matter where you come from, what you do for work, or if you have any idea what an ETF is.

But removing every single barrier that stands between human beings and their financial freedom is going to require some work.

should be
a tool for change

Make It
Easy To Use

Financial products have always been about as much fun to use as medical devices. Why shouldn’t they be as intuitive, beautiful, and useful as the best software in the world? Wouldn’t it be better if people enjoyed engaging with their money?

Turn this...

Into This


Make It
Cost Less

Account minimums are a barrier to entry, that's why we don’t have them. That's why we make our fees as low as possible. We use technology and force of will to bring down costs for our clients, so they have control of more of their money.

Start with a dollar


Or a million

Talk Like
A Human

We talk to people—through our products, on the phone, wherever people need us—like a well-informed friend, not like a derivatives trader. We don't use complicated language that only financial people understand.

Using technical jargon only serves to intimidate and alienate people. We want our clients to feel like they’re smart enough to understand their money,
for a simple reason: they are.

Make It

When you’re opaque, you take power away from your clients. When you’re transparent, you give it back to them. That’s why we tell our customers exactly what they’re paying in fees, and where and when their money’s being invested. And we never hide information in the small type.

Transparency builds trust, and it builds trustworthy companies.

No hidden fees

We started with investing, but this is just the beginning.

These principles will help us create many more products to help people even the financial playing field.

And make a difference in
the lives of our clients.

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