Values We Live By

Values We Live By

Values We Live By

Values We
Live By

Think of the values as our
Ten Commandments— even though
there are only five

We wrote these things down when the company was just a few people in a stuffy conference room in Toronto, and they inform everything we do. And, yes, we call them values instead of commandments because
that seems less “angry God” to us.

Are you dying to know what they are?

Value 1

Keep It Simple

Complexity is the enemy of access. And it’s the enemy of our success. Our software is simple because simple software doesn’t break. The way we communicate with one another and our clients is simple because that’s what breaks through the clutter. Our company structure and processes are simple because that way we waste fewer resources and time, which lets us get better at doing what’s right for each client. Hey, that’s a nice phrase...




Value 2

Do What's Right
For Each Client

We’re not the first people to think of having our clients’ best interests at heart. But our dedication is singular, and as individualized as possible. Especially because financial institutions have not, historically, always had their clients’ best interests at heart.

Our job is to chip away at the bad reputation of financial companies one phone call, one email, one person at a time. If we’re not constantly asking ourselves what we can do better for each client, we’re doing it wrong.

Value 3

Ship It

“Hmm,” you might be wondering, “but what does 'ship it' even mean?” Well, pretend you work at a factory. No one will get the stuff you’re making until you ship it out the door. We want people to get our stuff, so we favour putting it out in the world rather than waiting.

We never sit on something, never take too long to make it. And we don’t stop working on something because we’ve already made it. We make it again, and better. We like to say we’re “forever in Beta” (if you like the sound of that, we have a whole page about it later!).

Good’s the enemy of great? Yeah, but great shouldn’t be the enemy of done.



Check out version 1.0 of Wealthsimple. It will win no beauty prizes. But it was launched, and it was launched quickly, and people started using it, which told us what we needed to know to make it better and prettier and
better and prettier and better and...

Value 4

Take Care Of
Each Other

The love we show for clients? We show it for one another, too. No person is an island—everyone’s goals are shared goals. No one is above (or below) any task. And we never wait for our teammates to ask for help. Ours is also a culture of giving more credit than we ask for, and having one another’s back.

This is a ticket party. Sometimes when we’re really busy, everyone will get together over beers and pizza to help the Client Success Team stay caught up on customer emails. It’s actually pretty fun.

Value 5

Raise The Bar

We make things, and we make them fast. That’s true. But we also hold ourselves to high standards. Everything we release into the world should be more elegant and powerful and beautiful than it needs to be. Just like every phone call we make, every interaction we have with the world should say, “We're a degree better than we need to be.”


In 2016, we won the Webby for World’s Best Financial Services website.


The next day, we started rebuilding it from scratch. The result: 2017 Webby.

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