Seamless tax filing for crypto traders

This is big: Now you can have the capital gains (or losses) on your crypto trades calculated in just a few clicks. It’s paperwork-free, headache-free, and free-free.

Crunch the numbers on your crypto moves in a click

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    Autofill saves you time

    Import your transactions and have the capital gains or losses on your crypto trades calculated for you.

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    300+ wallets welcome

    Works even if you have multiple wallets. Over 300 exchanges are supported on our platform.

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    Less work, more accuracy

    Market prices are pulled at the time of your transactions so there’s no manually entering them or guess-work when you file.

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    Free to file

    Yep, it’s completely free for up to 500 crypto transactions.

Make your 2021 return unbelievably easy with Wealthsimple Tax

  1. Add your wallets from over 300 exchanges, like Coinbase, Binance,, and more.
  2. View a report of your transactions and have any capital gains or losses calculated for you.
  3. That’s it! Your report is automatically added to your return so you can file accurately, easily.

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