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Earn higher interest on corporate cash you don't need every day.

A smarter savings account for your business

A perfect place to keep the money you don’t need for every day business expenses, with 1.1% interest.

Wealthsimple Save for Business
A corporate checking account
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Get all the benefits of Save for Business

  • Earn 1.1% interest. No promotions, just one simple rate.
  • No account fees. Really.
  • 1-day withdrawals to your corporate bank account
  • No account minimums

Not sure if this is the right account for you?

Choosing the right accounts for your business can be hard. Our team of expert financial advisors are here to help you decide which of our business accounts are right for you.

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No, Save for Business accounts are for saving only. We have no plans to offer spending features for these accounts.

Save for Business accounts are only available for incorporated businesses.

Great question! To keep it simple, it’s because it’s a different type of account. The rate we offer for Save for Business is very competitive compared to similar accounts from other institutions. And we’re committed to offering you transparent rate.