Move your investments, we'll match 0.5% of your money

It's just the first way you'll get more from your money when you move your investment accounts to Wealthsimple by February 29.

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Why your money works harder here

Lower fees, better yields

However you invest, your money always works harder with us, because we charge low fees and no commissions. That means more long-term growth.

We make money simple

Invest, trade, and get Canada's highest-interest chequing account — all in one powerful, yet simple interface.

Premium benefits are waiting

Clients with over $100,000 in assets unlock Premium benefits — even lower fees, new investing opportunities, goal setting with our advisors, and more.

Move more. Get more. No max.

The more you transfer to Wealthsimple, the bigger your bonus. There's no maximum, and it's yours to use however you like.

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Already have investments with us?

No problem. Whether or not you're already a client, you get the same bonus when you transfer any RRSP, non-registered, TFSA, FHSA, or LIRA account from another institution.

Unlock your bonus in three simple steps

Step 1

Register for the promotion by answering a few quick questions.

Step 2

Set up your account and initiate a transfer by February 29 — no need to contact your bank or brokerage.

Step 3

Get ready for your bonus — it’ll arrive no later than May 1.

Make your move. Get your match.

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Questions about transfers, RRSPs, or both? We've got you covered.


First things first: make sure to register for the promo before you transfer so you’re eligible for your 0.5% match. Once that’s done, here are the steps to start your transfer:

  • From desktop: Click "Move", then select "Move an account to Wealthsimple” and follow the prompts.
  • From our app: Click the "Move" icon in the bottom navigation, then select "Move an account to Wealthsimple" from the menu.

Registration is required to indicate your interest in our 0.5% matching promotion. It's easy — just fill out this super-simple form.

Not at all. You can receive your 0.5% bonus cash match when you transfer into your non-registered, TFSA, FHSA, and LIRA accounts — and it bears repeating that there’s no maximum to what you can contribute.

Absolutely. Whether you have a new account with us or you’re transferring more to an existing one, you can contribute at any time. Just make sure you take all RRSP contributions into consideration so you don't exceed your overall contribution limit.

Unfortunately, we can't control exactly how long your bank or other institution will take to clear your transfer. Throughout the process, you’ll be able to check the status in our app. And remember: your transfer doesn’t need to land before the RRSP deadline on the last day of February — the contribution deadline only applies to how much you’ve contributed, not where your RRSP is located.

You'll need to keep a minimum of 95% of your funds with us for 1 full year. If you withdraw these funds prior to that time, you'll no longer be eligible for the bonus and we'll have to deduct the amount of your bonus from your account. For more details, visit our terms and conditions.

Once we’ve confirmed your transfer, we’ll send your bonus — it will arrive no later than May 1.

A full rundown of this promotion can be found here. If you have other questions, feel free to reach out to us here.