Maybe you’ve noticed a few changes around here. And by a few we mean almost everything. When Wealthsimple clients log in, they’ll see our first major redesign since we launched the company two years ago. It’s something we’ve been calling “Project Slingshot" because we didn’t want to make incremental changes; we wanted to make a slingshot forward. So we listened to your feedback; we thought about all the ways our product could be more intelligent, user-friendly (and yeah, cool-looking); and then we rebuilt from the ground up. Along the way, we implemented dozens of changes, improvements, and new features, from small things, like having the ability to select different bank accounts from which to draw from, to large things, like projecting your portfolio value from today until retirement.

We’re pretty sure you’re going to love the experience—at least as much as you could love the experience of being on the website of a financial institution. And we wrote up this primer for you so you can take advantage of all the improvements we’ve made. We’re pretty proud, and we don’t want you to miss anything.

An All-New Dashboard

For our clients with more than one Wealthsimple account, we have nice surprise for you: You can now see all your accounts on our new Dashboard page. You’ll see it right away: When you log in to Wealthsimple, it will be your new starting place. You'll get the bird’s-eye view of all your Wealthsimple accounts so you see the big picture—you’ll see the balances of all your accounts, from your RRSP to your TFSA. From here, you can navigate to those individual accounts to get more information. Or play with our nifty new Future You projection graph, built to predict the growth of your accounts from today until your retirement.

We’ve also computed some useful numbers for you. First: how much Wealthsimple has saved you in fees (compared with a traditional advisor) since you started investing with us. Second: how many free trades we’ve made for you since you opened your account (remember—we never charge you for trades). Third: how much in dividends you’ve collected.

One more thing to know: The navigation bar now sits at the top of the page. That’s because we simplified and streamlined the site’s navigation so you can control all of your accounts in one place. For example, your new Activity page now shows what’s happening across all of your accounts (don’t worry, we added filters, too, so you’re not bombarded with information).

Graphs, Graphs, and Better, More Powerful, Prettier Graphs

One thing we heard loud and clear is that you wanted more graphs, and more graph functionality. Accounts are more intuitive if they’re visualized. Well, surprise! We added a more powerful graph to your Account page that allows you to see your performance across several time periods. You can also clearly see how much of your money you’ve put into your accounts and how much gain or loss you’ve incurred on that investment. That visualization makes it easy to see when you’re under water (losing money) and above water (making money).

Our new Account page

And there's more. We added a couple of new projection graphs. On the Dashboard page, you can see how your total portfolio is expected to perform all the way until your retirement. It works by using the amount you’ve set up to be automatically contributed to your account, and it adds projected performance to show you how much money you’ll have if you keep things steady. On the Funding page, we added a projection graph that allows you to see, before you commit to making a deposit, exactly how much the deposit will affect the growth of your accounts.

A New Way to Learn—About Money and Hopefully Life

For those of you who don’t know, we publish a little digital magazine called Grow. We think of it as a guidebook for building a better Future You. It’s something we take a lot of pride in. So much so, in fact, that we’re not keeping all that great content locked up on a “blog” page anymore. We’ll be bringing all our advice (and entertainment) right onto our site on the new Learn page. Everything from our recurring series “Money Diaries” (personal narratives told through the prism of money by interesting and noteworthy people, like the lead singer from The National or Spike Lee) to our “How Tos” (advice on doing everything from starting an art collection to buying an engagement ring) to our gloriously nerdy “Ask Wealthsimple” posts (in which Dave Nugent, our resident financial genius, answers all your burning questions about money).

Our new Learn page

And We’re Not Done Yet

We’re going to continue rolling out new features and improvements in the next few weeks, too. Not to mention a totally redesigned iOS mobile app. We’d love to hear what you think, so send us a note. And if there are things you’d like to see but don’t yet, let us know that, too. We’ll be working on Slingshot Part Two before too long!

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