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  • Finance for Humans

    Emergency Money: What to Do When Your Bills Are Bigger Than Your Income

  • Finance for Humans

    Is This the Year to Try SimpleTax? (Um, Probably. Yes)

  • Finance for Humans

    What if I Missed the Entire Bull Market?

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  • Finance for Humans

    Trade Wars! (Should I Be Scared?)

    What tension between governments means for your investment decisions.

  • Finance for Humans

    Should I Be Using Dollar-Cost Averaging? (And, Um, What Is It?)

    It sounds pretty fancy and sophisticated. But even if you know what it means, you may be doing it wrong.

  • Finance for Humans

    The Five Most Common Financial Questions: Answered

    We rounded up our Portfolio Managers and asked them which things pretty much everyone wants to know.

  • Finance for Humans

    Canadians in America: A Comprehensive Guide to Cross-Border Investing

    You're Canadian. But you live in the US. Your RRSP is in Canada. But your 401(k) is in the States. Your TFSA is in Canada. But your.... Don't worry. Our seven-step guide.

  • Finance for Humans

    Why Should I Pay Wealthsimple a 0.5% Fee?

    If you want to know if our fees are worth it, read this, see the services we provide, and decide for yourself. (We're pretty confident.)

  • Finance for Humans

    Why Would I Ever Put Money In Savings Instead of Investing It?

    Because a savings account is crucial to any smart financial plan. (That's the reason we launched Wealthsimple Save.) Unless you don't care about risk or making your money make money.

  • Finance for Humans

    Do I Have to Give to My Coworker’s GoFundMe?

    Are you inundated with worthy (and not-so-) causes at work? Our columnist has one answer to the charity with a face (from the cubicle next to you) conundrum.

  • Finance for Humans

    How to Do the Right Thing with a Bonus (or Any Extra $$$)

    Congratulations! You got a bonus! Or a really nice Christmas gift in the form of a cheque. Or any old windfall. Here's how to use it to build wealth.

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