Do you ever get the sense that there are things you should already know about investing but don't actually know? That maybe you don't even know exactly what you don't know? That you want to know all this stuff but you sort of don't want to read anything and wish that the budding star of an HBO series could explain it all to you while wearing a snazzy suit in about 45 minutes? Yeah? Well you're in luck!

Welcome to our Investing Master Class, a 10-episode video series. It's hosted by our pal Nicholas Braun (he's the guy who plays the hapless/diabolical/sneakily hilarious ”Cousin Greg" on HBO's diabolical/sneakily hilarious Succession) and brought to you by us. We're pretty excited about it because honestly we don't think there's anything else like it. First of all it's not boring, and aside from a few dad jokes, it's not dumb. In fact, it's pretty smart. And concise – stripped to what we know is the backbone of smart investing. And did we mention that it's funny? It's funny. Watch it and afterwards you'll be an investing genius.

So why bother? Why make a free class on the basics of mastering the lifelong art of investing? Because it actually matters. Because the people who understand how investing works, the folks who aren't intimidated by it, will have a real financial leg up on those who stay on the sidelines. Education is a huge differentiator when it comes to financial freedom — lack of knowledge, and the lack of confidence that comes with it, is a major ingredient in the wealth gap. It's also good for our business: we believe the more you understand about how investing works, the more you'll understand the value behind the way Wealthsimple works (automating your finances, lowering your fees, diversifying your portfolio, all that good stuff).

If you still remain unconvinced, we are providing a list of the ten most important reasons to stop reading this Wealthsimple magazine story and start watching Nicholas Braun explain things:

1. You'll finally understand how compound interest works without doing any math.

2. You'll finally be able to answer the question: should I even be investing at all?

3. Nicolas Braun will stand in a pretend pool of water and throw darts but not at the same time!

4. Some good jokes. (And several groaners.)

5. Monkeys picking stocks! Monkeys, people! (Spoiler alert: they're better at it than mutual fund managers.)

6. Did you know that the stock market is actually an index of human progress? We'll explain that.

7. And the reason the stock market tends to go up over time despite wars, depressions, and tech bubbles.

8. Wait, what's a stock? (We got you.)

9. There are cats! You like cats right? (If not, why are you on the internet?)

10. You'll learn if you're “on track” no matter your age or income bracket.

11. A half-dozen five-dollar words and phrases that people tend to throw around but don't understand.

12. There are like 50-billion five-dollar words and phrases that will NOT appear in these videos and we'll never tell you that you need to understand them.

13. Notice how we said there would only be ten reasons but here we are at number thirteen? That's because our Master Class will teach you even more than you expect. And because we thought maybe it could pass as a compound interest joke.

So just watch the series, will you? We really want you to be an investing genius.

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