We have news. Starting today, Wealthsimple makes gift cards! That you can give. To people you love. Or even to people you only like but who are having a baby and babies are nice. We think you'll enjoy them because, unlike a bottle of champagne or a new iPhone, they will help forge a lasting financial future and they won't break if you drop them in the sink. (Because they're digital.)

And the Wealthsimple gift card is perfect for so many occasions. Don't believe us? How about:

$50 birthday present for your newborn niece who just loves the theoretical underpinnings of passive investing but probably doesn't know it yet? We got you.

$250 for the newlyweds who have yet to realize that the $20K they spent on their wedding will not compound at 7% annually like good investments often do? Good idea.

$500 Christmas present for the person who would like to open an investment account but thinks it's too hard? Yep.

$1000 for a spendthrift child who is graduating college and will thank you later once he understands the power of compounding? Oh, by all means.

To help you understand how it all works, why they're a good idea, and if you can register for a wedding (you can), we devised this handy FAQ for you.

So how do you do it?

It's simple. (Of course.) Just click here. Fill out the answers on the page. All you'll need is the name of the person who's receiving the gift, his or her email address, and your credit card info. You'll also be prompted to write a personal message.

The recipient will get a message about the gift. And once they click through that email to redeem their money, it'll take about two to three business days to show up in the account. You can send the email immediately or schedule it for later — like Christmas or an upcoming birthday.

What if the person you want to give a gift to doesn't have a Wealthsimple account?

Even better. The point of our gift cards is to change a person's financial trajectory. And we think helping them open a low-cost, sophisticated portfolio that they can invest in for the rest of their lives — and helping them understand how saving a little now can make a huge difference later — is a good way to do that.

If the person who receives the gift isn't already a client, all he or she has to do is click the link in the gift email to start the sign-up process. It usually takes about five minutes.

Can I register to receive gifts, too?

Yep. Just go to one of your account pages and look for the “Collect Contributions” box in the lower left-hand corner. There's an on/off button. Turn it on! Then you can create your own registry for as many or as few people as you like. We'll generate a link you can email to the people of your choice, with the message of your choice, from your own email account.

The link will take them to a page that will let them deposit money that will automatically be invested in your portfolio — no need to redeem or do much of anything else.

And for those of you who want to use Wealthsimple as a registry — for your wedding, your baby shower — that's easy. Just put “Rudy and Claire” or “baby McDaniels” in the box that says “Invest in _______.” Unless your name isn't Rudy or Claire. (And if your name is Baby McDaniels — please contact us for a special prize.)

We think it's a good way to let people who love you help you build a better future.

Is there a minimum amount I can give? Or get?

Yep. The minimum amount of a gift is $50.

Is this a good solution for all those times when you can't think of what to get for a baby shower or a bar mitzvah or a communion or a graduation?

That was a softball we just threw ourselves. Our idea: get them for everyone! As long as they’re 18. You have to be old enough to open an account — otherwise it’s best to gift, or register, in a parent’s name. And gift cards can be used for taxable accounts, but not tax-deferred accounts.

Meanwhile, what's stopping you? Get gifting.

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