Sure, you’ve probably thought to yourself, Wealthsimple—I love their low fees, their simple and intuitive product design, the elegant investment strategies, those rugged good looks. But what about free champagne when I’m at Heathrow airport? Well, we hear your complaint. And now we have an answer.

Today we announce Wealthsimple Black. It’s a premium service we’ve designed for people who are ready to invest $100,000 or more. With our Black program, we've made it easier to pay even lower fees: We’ll charge a flat 0.4% management fee, down from 0.5% when you cross the $100,000 threshold. If that doesn’t sound like a ton to you now, you should acquaint yourself with a little thing called compound interest—a small difference in fees really adds up. And not only will you pay us less, you'll also pay the government less too. That's because Wealthsimple Black clients get additional tax-efficiency features like Tax-Loss Harvesting and Tax-Efficient Funds.

Wealthsimple is investing on autopilot

But where does that free champagne come in? Well, not only will Wealthsimple Black clients receive one-on-one financial planning sessions from one of our experienced portfolio managers; they’ll also get snazzy Priority Pass memberships with their names on them, gratis. Priority Pass gives members entrée to more than 1,000 exclusive airport lounges worldwide, those oases of delicious appetizers, comfy chairs, free Wi-Fi, and champagne and other beverages that make layovers go by more quickly, not to mention complimentary couples’ hot-stone massages performed by Bulgarian arm-wrestling champions (OK, we can’t vouch for massages, but who knows what amenities lie behind those frosted glass doors). Priority Pass even entitles you to bring a plus-one into the lounge with you, so Wealthsimple Black clients shouldn’t be surprised if they make some new friends. To become a member of Wealthsimple Black you will have to do exactly nothing—deposit your money and you’ll automatically be enrolled. We’ll email you all the details.

If you've already invested more than $100,000 at Wealthsimple, you'll automatically be enrolled. But we need you to opt-in into the Priority Pass program, so watch out for an email from us today.

If you have more questions, you’ll probably find answers on our FAQ page. If not, give us a call at 1-855-255-9038. Or just get started now.

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