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Our New App: 137% More Fun, Simple and Pretty

Why is the new version of our app such a big deal? Because we're as much a software company as we are a financial company, and we live for this stuff.

We're proud to announce that today, Wealthsimple gave birth to a new, healthy, and breathtakingly redesigned mobile app. Sure, a lot of proud parents say their new additions are breathtaking. But can most proud parents say they're designers of back-to-back Webby Award-winning financial websites? Can most proud parents claim that their new additions will make the experience of growing your money while using a smartphone 137% more awesome?

Just how exactly will our new app make Wealthsimple-ing more efficient, beautiful, and personalized? Read below for a super quick rundown. Meanwhile we'll be passing out cigars around the Wealthsimple offices (our extremely talented engineers and developers who built the thing will get theirs first).

It's More Intuitive

We built a new interface. And it's cleaner, more attractive, simpler and, yes, more intuitive.

One of the biggest improvements we’ve made is knowing what you want. After gathering a lot of data about how you guys use the app, we designed it so all the most important features and info are right there when you open it up. You don't have to go looking for it. The new account overview page tells you top-line information at a glance. You'll never have to go hunting for the stuff you want to know right away — how much you've got in your account, and how it's performed. (Though we really encourage all investors to avoid keeping close track of short-term performance. If you invest with us you probably know our mantra: THINK LONG-TERM!).

We'll Bring The Info and Stories to You, So You Don't Have to Wonder What You're Missing

When you open up the app and look right below your overview page, you'll see some cool cards. You can scroll through them to see the information we think is most interesting and important for you. You'll see account alerts, news, updates and freshly posted Wealthsimple Magazine articles that cleverly answer your burning financial questions (or just tell a great story). And we'll personalize this information based on your financial needs and the stories you've liked in our magazine before. Just flip the cards and see if there's anything that piques your interest.

A Hidden Treasure: Our Answer to the Fidget Spinner

We built a little feature into the iOS app that may alleviate some stress — or at least be fun to find. See if you can figure out what it is. Hint: heads or tails?

So that's our intro to the new app. There are lots of other little improvements, design elements, and fixes. But we know most people who aren't software developers would rather use a better app than read about all that. So go check it out at the App Store and Google Play Store.

Wealthsimple makes smart investing simple and affordable.

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