Based on research by the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, Financial Post and the Wealthsimple team, here are 20 Canadian Finance Blogs that you should follow right now!

Couch Potato

About: Dan Bortolotti, an investment advisor from Toronto, has written an awesome how-to blog on investing with mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Why we love it: The blog is a fantastic resource for both novice and experienced investors and the Couch Potato strategy – also known as index investing or passive investing – is simple to use and simple to understand.

Great reads: “What Young Investors Need to Know“, “It’s Time to Ban Advisor Commissions” and of course, “An Interview With Wealthsimple: Part 1 & Part 2

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Gail Vaz Oxlade

About:  Gail is a renowned financial guru, has authored numerous books on personal finance and she’s the host of the popular TV shows ‘Til Debt Do Us Part’ and ‘Princess’.

Why we love it:  Gail’s blog provides great advice for the average Canadian and she’s constantly connecting with her readers by answering questions through the “This & That” series.  You can even submit your own success story to be published on her site.

Great reads: “Is Your $$ Going Where You Want?“, “8 Steps to Financial Success“, and “How much to Your RRSP?“.

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Jim Yih

About: Jim Yih has created an award winning blog for Canadians who are starting to plan for retirement (start early!), as well as retirees looking for advice.

Why we love it:  Jim covers a wide range of topics, from retirement issues to debt reduction, estate planning and investing.  Everything you need to know can be found in the archives, which date back to 1999! Impressive.

Great reads: “Principles of Investing“, “Ten Ideas to Successful and Happy Retirement“, and “5 Ways to Spend Less This Holiday Season

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Boomer & Echo

About:  Marie & Robb Engen have written a blog dedicated to narrating their own personal paths to financial freedom.  You can find posts on anything, ranging from credit card debt to comparing travel reward cards.

Why we love it:  Whether you’re a late-bloomer or a getting a head start, you can follow these two on the path to becoming financially successful (and maybe even retire early!)

Great reads: “Why Canadian Investors Aren’t As Savvy As They Think“, “The Beginner’s Guide On How NOT To Start Investing“, and “More Ways The Investment Industry Is Screwing Canadians“.

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About: Kerry Taylor’s personal finance blog is dedicated to showing Canadians that frugal can be fun!

Why we love it: If you want to learn how to spend and save wisely, Squawkfox combines research with a little bit of humor to tackle consumer issues.  She covers a wide range of topics from smart shopping to investing and even wrote an awesome book called “397 Ways to Save Money“.

Great reads: “How a can of cat food scared me into saving for retirement“, “5 Investing fees that devour your savings” and “5 free budget and personal finance apps for everyone“.

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Ellen Roseman

About: Ellen is a popular columnist for the Toronto Star and has authored 7 books on personal finance.  She’s been advocating for consumer rights for decades and her blog addresses day-to-day issues of the average Canadian.

Why we love it:  If you’re looking to avoid the common mistakes people make with their money, Ellen Roseman has created a blog just for you.  Say goodbye to unreliable contractors and corporate trickery!

Great reads: “How to avoid car buying mistakes“, “How to improve quality of financial advice” and “Searching for a reliable roofer.”

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My own advisor

About: Mark Seed began investing in his early 20s but soon realized what was happening to his hard-earned money.  Tired of high MER fees killing his portfolio returns over the years, Mark began his personal journey to financial freedom.

Why we love it: Mark has taken personal finances into his own hands and he shares all of his findings with you.  “I’m far from a perfect saver and investor but things seems to be working out.”  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, topics for new blog ideas are always welcome.

Great reads: “Mortgage Tips for Homeowners of All Ages“, “8 things I’ve discovered about money” and “MER TER Money Management Fees FWIW“.

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Golden Girl Finance

About: Investment expert Susan Misner, and entrepreneur Laura McDonald, have built a blog where woman can learn, share, discuss and act on opportunities to take charge of their personal finances.

Why we love it:  Susan and Laura created the ultimate guide to finance for women (and men!).  Golden Girl Finance has covered every topic you can think of and the blog itself is so visually appealing, you might want to put a couple hours aside just to browse the site.

Great reads: “7 money management tricks of happy people“, “6 reasons to squeeze money into everyday conversation” and “A financial mistake to avoid for every decade of life

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The Passive Income Earner

About:  This BC blogger has a passion for personal finance and investing.  The Passive Income Earner will show you how to become a DIY investor and save for retirement.

Why we love it:  You don’t have to be a dividend investor to gain from his blog posts and if you’re not too sure about a financial term, head to the blog for a great glossary!

Great reads: “Timeless RRSP Tips“, “Kids & Money: The Early Years” and “RESP Explained“.

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Frugal Trader

About:  FrugalTrader is taking readers on his journey of wealth building through saving and investing – he recently reached his goal of a net worth of $1 million!

Why we love it: At 35, FrugalTrader has reached his financial goal and he’s sharing the strategies that helped him get there so you can do the same.  He also helped create, a community of personal finance enthusiasts who share their ideas.

Great reads: “How SPOUSAL RRSPs Work“, “My Saving Strategies” and “Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) Canada: Details & Strategies“.

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Young and Thrifty

About: Kyle Prevost and Justin Bouchard have created a great 20-something blog, encouraging Generation Y to start saving early.

Why we love it:  Perfect for young adults entering the ‘real world’ after graduation – everything you need to know from investing to mortgages and other cool stuff.

Great reads: “Is a Diploma Necessary for Financial Success?“, “How to Get More Money Back from your Tax Return” and “Variable and Fixed, Open and Closed Mortgages

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My University Money

About:  Kyle and Justin provide students with some awesome tips on how to save money while away at school.

Why we love it:  This blog offers tips and insights that can help students planning for school or parents planning to send their children to school.  If you’re interested in learning more, check out their book: “More Money for Beer and Textbooks“.

Great reads: “How to Stand Out in the Scholarship Process“,  “10 Ways to Save Your Money From the Textbook Black Hole” and “The Classic ‘Coffee-a-Day’ Personal Finance Article

Money on trees

About: Fabio Marrama provides young adults with important information on financial issues, how to have fun with savings and how to get by with a little bit of disposable income.

Why we love it: “Being young doesn’t mean being dumb when it comes to money.”  Enough said!

Great reads: “Car Insurance: Can I Even Afford You Anymore?“, “Should You Have The Talk Before You Tie The Knot?“, “Talking to Youth About Interest Rates

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Modest Money

About: Jeremy Biberdorf writes on how he is rediscovering the joys of living modestly and if that sparks your interest, he invites you to join him on that journey.

Why we love it: The blog tackles both Canadian and American financial topics and doesn’t concentrate on overcoming crazy financial obstacles – “An average guy facing an average financial situation”.

Great reads: “House vs. Apartment: Which is Better for Investment?“, “How to Get a Good Financial Start in Life” and “The Five Stages of Fees

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Money Smarts Blog

About:  Previously Four Pillars, Mike Holman focuses on personal finance with an emphasis on investing topics.

Why we love it:  RRSPs, TFSAs, RESPs – everything you need to know is right here!

Great reads: “8 Things You Need to Know About Withdrawing Money From Your RESP Account“, “How To Save $100,000 For An MBA Or Other Higher Education“, and “Best Financial Tip – Take a Long Term View Of Your Finances

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Blonde on a Budget

About: Cait Flanders went from a maxed out, overindulging girl to a well balanced and financially sound woman.

Why we love it: Although she has overcome financial obstacles, Cait doesn’t sugar coat life after debt and she is constantly learning (lucky for you, she is sharing these learnings).

Great reads: “How I Paid Off $30,000 of Debt in Two Years“, “Why You Must Make Peace with Your Financial Situation” and “My Lifetime Costs of Car Ownership

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Canadian Finance Blog

About: Tom Drake, a financial analyst from Edmonton, is an expert in spending less and saving money.

Why we love it: Topics range from RRSPs and Taxes to more universal subjects like negotiating great deals and saving money on food.

Great reads: “How to Reach Financial Independence at Age 31“, “How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?” and “How Much Mortgage Can I Afford?“.

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My Alternate Life

About:  Jordann, a 24 year old living in Atlantic Canada, is sharing her story of getting out of debt and moving towards financial security.

Why we love it:  Jordan will not provide you with unattainable goals, just simple steps to pay back those pesky student loans. “I assure you, I’m entirely average. If I can do it, so can you.”

Great reads: “How I Saved $27,700 in 2014“, “How Much Debt Would I Have If I Hadn’t Paid it Off?” and “Emergency Fund: Full“.

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Give me back my five bucks]

About:  Krystal Yee has created a blog to share personal finance issues and show how she paid off $20,000 of debt in 12 months.

Why we love it: Krystal demonstrates that it’s possible to be a responsible spender and reach financial independence but still have fun doing it!

Great reads: “What should your net worth be by age 30?“, “How much should you save before moving out?” and “The pros and cons of being in a union

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How to Save Money

About: Stephen Weyman is the ultimate Canadian dealfinder and he’ll teach you how to save money on nearly every product you could think of.

Why we love it: You don’t have to navigate long forum posts to find a deal, it’s straightforward and a definite stop before you make a purchase!

Great reads: “Plan Ahead: My Best Financial Tip!“, “The Best Credit Cards In Canada“, and “Getting Off The Credit Card Mouse Wheel

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