What do Airbnb and Wealthsimple have in common? Well, a lot actually. We both believe in using simple, elegant technology to make complicated things a little easier. And we’re both about helping you make the most of your investments so you can live the life you want to live. Which is why we’ve joined forces.

When you join Airbnb as a host, we'll put $400 into your Wealthsimple account!

We like to think of our partnership as a way to marry two pretty important things: the short term and the long term. Airbnb is all about having life experiences now (whether you’re going somewhere fascinating or hosting someone interesting) while socking away some extra cash. And with Wealthsimple, you can make your money work harder, and smarter, without having to spend countless hours doing things like managing your account or rebalancing your portfolio — and without paying high fees.

For those of you who don’t know who we are or what we do, here’s a great interview with one of our money gurus about the ethos, technology, and nice human beings (and, yes, those low fees) at Wealthsimple.

We made this as easy as possible. Just click here and sign up to become a host on Airbnb and once your listing generates $500 (or more) we'll deposit $400 into your Wealthsimple account. Unfortunately, we can’t help you take cool pictures of your bedroom. But we’re sure there are iPhone filters for that.

Promotional Terms: You must be a first-time host. You will qualify for the bonus once your listing generates $500 (excluding cleaning fees and taxes). The $400 bonus will be deposited into your Wealthsimple account within four weeks of your qualifying date. This offer is only valid for new listings in the US (excluding Miami and Hawaii) and Canada (excluding Toronto and Vancouver). Airbnb listings must be valid and users will not receive a bonus if they are found generating booked listings that are fraudulent.

Questions? Reach out to our Client Success team here.

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