Dave is Wealthsimple's Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager. To say he's hard working would be an understatement, yet he still manages to show up to the office every day with an upbeat attitude and a smile on his face. Read on for more about Dave.
What did you do outside of classes in University?
I was a big sports guy. In my spare time, I loved playing hockey, golf and volleyball. I was heavily involved in student politics and in my last year, I was President of the Huron University Students Council.

What were some early leadership lessons for you?
Fail forward. When you make a mistake, learn from it and continue on.

Tell me about your first job out of University.
I started off as an advisor at RBC Dominion Securities in their Rookie Training Program. I was able to work alongside some of the top influencers in the financial industry and it was a great learning experience.

If you could have lunch with any three people (fantasy, dead or living), who would they be?
Warren Buffett, Jay Z and Gandhi.

Outside of Wealthsimple, what are you truly passionate about?
In University, I ran an event promotions business called Red 7, which eventually became the Red 7 Foundation to support youth education. I'm still very passionate about giving back to the community. Every year, I participate in Movember to help raise awareness and funds for Prostate Cancer and I grow an awesome mustache while I'm at it!

Who has been your biggest influence, and how have they affected you?
Growing up, my parents instilled in me that hard work pays off. They taught me the important traits of a leader such as courage, commitment and focus.

What advice do you give to graduating university students?
I think it's important to know that you have to start somewhere and you have to trust the process. You're most likely not going to land your dream job straight out of school and you'll have to work extremely hard to get there. Some days you may feel like everything you're doing is for nothing but if you have the discipline and energy to keep going, everything else will eventually fall into place.

What is one thing about you that most people would be surprised to learn?
I try to go to the spa as much as possible!

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