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  • Finance for Humans

    What if I Missed the Entire Bull Market?

  • Finance for Humans

    Now Is a Really Good Time to Understand How Interest Rates Work

  • Finance for Humans

    Dear Ms. Etiquette: My Boyfriend Wants Me to Support Him While He Chases His Dream

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  • Finance for Humans

    Do I Have to Give to My Coworker’s GoFundMe?

    Are you inundated with worthy (and not-so-) causes at work? Our columnist has one answer to the charity with a face (from the cubicle next to you) conundrum.

  • Finance for Humans

    How to Do the Right Thing with a Bonus (or Any Extra $$$)

    Congratulations! You got a bonus! Or a really nice Christmas gift in the form of a check. Or any old windfall. Here's how to use it to build wealth.

  • Finance for Humans

    How to Take a Year Off in Barcelona for $18,000 (Or Less!)

    You've always wanted to do it. But never actually considered how it might happen. A practical, and financial, guide to getting realistic about the fantasy of a year away.

  • Finance for Humans

    Why It’s Smart to Start Selling Bitcoin. Even if You Think It’ll Go Up.

    It's not sexy. But it's smart to invest your BTC gains in a diversified portfolio. Here's our guide. (Bonus: you can keep some BTC so you don't suffer from FOMO).

  • Finance for Humans

    Is It Wrong to Take Advantage of My Expense Account?

    Is it wrong to treat an expense account like a perk? An exploration of the moral world of corporate money.

  • Finance for Humans

    How Do I Know if I’m on the Right Financial Track?

    Maybe you’ve started — investing, saving. Maybe you’re ready to start. But you’re not sure if you’re doing it right. Here’s our simple guide.

  • Finance for Humans

    Hooray! Wealthsimple Has Two-Step Verification! (What Does That Mean?)

    Saying it is cumbersome: two-step verification. But for a hacker it's way more cumbersome to try to get past it. A Q&A about our newest security feature.

  • Finance for Humans

    Trusts: They're Even For People Who Don't Have a Yacht

    You should actually know what they are, how they work, and if they make financial sense for you. Thankfully you can do that in less than ten minutes. Here's our guide.

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