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True stories about homes and money and how they relate

  • Finance for Humans

    Should You Buy or Rent? A Quick Formula to See

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    The Government Wants to Help You Save Money for Your First Home

  • Finance for Humans

    Is it Better to Pay Down Your Mortgage or Invest?

Finance for Humans

When to Buy (Sometimes!), When to Rent (the Other Times!), and When to Just Give Up (Please Don’t)

Money & the World

This Is Not Normal: A Letter From the Toronto Real-Estate Forever Boom

Finance for Humans

Ask Lizzie: I Want Another Baby. My Husband Wants to Build a Dream House. Help!

Finance for Humans

How to Make Home Improvements That Are Also Good Investments

Finance for Humans

How To Know What Kind of Mortgage You Can Afford

Finance for Humans

How to Live in This House for Free (for a Week)

Finance for Humans

How To Buy a Tiny House for $29,000

Finance for Humans

Thinking Inside the Box: Fallacies of Condo Investment


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