Personal Essays

True stories about how money shapes our lives

  • Money Diaries

    “My Finances, in Brief,” an Essay by David Sedaris

  • Money Diaries

    The Snack-Cake Economy: How I Learned Money in Prison

  • Money & the World

    2022: The Year We Said Farewell to FOMO

Money Diaries

“All My Opportunities Came From Cold Emailing or DMing Someone on Twitter”

Money Diaries

Novelist Omar El Akkad on Being the Engine and Being the Fuel

Money Diaries

It’ll Work Itself Out (It Actually Won’t)

Finance for Humans

I Wanted to Raise My Kids Middle Class. The Problem Was We Weren’t Middle Class Anymore

Money & the World

The Market Value of My Father

Money Diaries

Karen Russell: A Brutally Honest Accounting of Writing, Money, and Motherhood


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