We Published Our Own Print Magazine

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We made a magazine. Out of paper (and stories). Just like they used to in the old days.

Yes! A magazine. That you can hold without holding an iPhone! That doesn't disappear with the news cycle! That doesn't ask you to follow it on Twitter or share with your friends, and comes with exactly zero percent chance that you'll start reading a story but accidentally go online shopping instead.

Why do we do this stuff? Why do we publish journalism, advice, interviews (and a little self-serving news!) every week? And why did we double down and make an actual magazine that's visually stunning, highly informative and printed on actual paper?

Well, we did it to celebrate the great stories you've been reading here. We did it because we wanted something that stuck around for a while, and could be passed from person to person, to spread the gospel of financial independence.

And we did it because we wanted to dedicate an entire magazine to the truth about money (our theme for Issue 1). Both on a human level — like we do in our Money Diaries series — and on a financial advice level, too. We believe that people who are smarter with their money are not only better for our business, they're better for the world. So whether you're a longtime investor or curious about learning how to start, we wanted to give you something new, informative, inspiring and actually enjoyable to read.

It's got a lot of very interesting stuff in it, our magazine.

• Like the definitive two-page guide on what to do with your money — a guide that will rescue you from indecision and pave the path toward total financial domination whether you just got your first job or you are trying to decide whether to buy your second home in Monaco.

• Like we finally explain what ETFs are, and what financial people mean by “risk” and how to buy life insurance and all manner of other things you may not even know that you don't really know.

• Like tales of fortune, misfortune, and truth from the likes of Anthony Bourdain, French Montana, and a nun.

• Like original long-form narrative non-fiction (and brave total financial transparency) from writers Darcie Wilder and Kathyrn Jezer-Morton.

• Like the most harrowing tale of a couple's struggle with debt you'll ever want to/not want to read.

• Like a game where you have to guess the country by the hue of its actual currency; another game where you have to guess the money by the faces that appear on it; and a crossword puzzle based on Wealthsimple's investment principles built by one of the New York Times's crossword puzzle builders.

Are you already excited? Are you already Googling “where is the closest newsstand” (until you got sidetracked and started internet shopping)? Well, we don't sell these magazines. Right now they're only available at Wealthsimple events — though we have secret plans for mass distribution, which we will tell you more about soon. In the meantime...

How To Get Your Hands On One Right Now

If you simply must have an issue of Wealthsimple Magazine and you can't wait another minute (we don't blame you), tell us who you are here. The first hundred people to do so will get a copy of Wealthsimple Magazine sent to them, gratis.

We suspect you'll like it. But feel free to tell us (gently) if we're wrong.

Wealthsimple uses technology and smart, friendly humans to help you grow and manage your money. Invest, save, trade, and even do your taxes in a better, simpler way.

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    A new kind of financial company

    Invest, trade, save, spend, and even do your taxes in a better, simpler way.

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A new kind of financial company

Invest, trade, save, spend, and even do your taxes in a better, simpler way.

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