Avec Wealthsimple pour les conseillers, vous pouvez investir les actifs de vos clients dans l'un des portefeuilles de FNB de Wealthsimple, ou opter pour une stratégie active en tant que sous-conseiller, et ce, sans aucun solde minimum. Il vous est même possible d'intégrer vos propres sous-conseillers à Wealthsimple pour les conseillers - book a demo pour en savoir davantage.


Forstrong gère des portefeuilles composés de FNB globalement équilibrés depuis 2001 - faisant d'elle la compagnie avec le plus long bilan en la matière. Le Comité de gestion des investissements mondiaux de Forstrong est composé de professionnels chevronnés du domaine financier avec plus de 100 ans d'expérience combinée, ayant couvert de nombreux cycles économiques et de marché. Leur dévouement à une bonne gestion des risques a permis à Forstrong de protéger les actifs de ses clients durant les temps plus difficiles des marchés tels que la crise financière mondiale de 2008, la crise de la dette de l'euro de 2011 et le marché des commodités en baisse de 2014.

En tant que fiduciaire, Forstrong comprend que la performance va au-delà des rendements. En effet, elle signifie également une communication régulière et transparente de toutes parts dans la relation client entre les gestionnaires de portefeuille et les administrateurs de compte.

Q1 2017 Commentary (PDF)


Established in 2000, Shaunessy Investment Counsel is experienced at protecting and growing wealth and investment assets over the long term. Through Wealthsimple, investors can now access SIC’s diversified and balanced ETF portfolios, structured to achieve long-term growth and limit risk in the tried-and-true style of a pension plan.

SIC offers one principal investment strategy - a globally-balanced and multi-asset, ETF portfolio of stocks, bonds, and alternative investments. Previously only available to a select clientele - 4 First Nation trusts and 22 families, SIC has proven that a well-diversified portfolio of high-quality equity and fixed-income investments can provide both long-term growth and income with well-managed risk. Shaunessy prides itself on being 100% employee owned, ensuring that every advisor is personally invested in the growth and protection of client assets.


BCV Asset Management Inc. (‘BCV’) is a private asset management firm dedicated to building and protecting client wealth, seeking to maximize long-term returns while minimizing risk. As an alternative to mass-market investment products, BCV creates customized investment portfolios of well researched equities and fixed income securities within separately managed accounts.

BCV invests in conservative, large capitalization, blue chip companies that are consistent with our value investment style. These companies are characterized by their strong balance sheet, presence in attractive and growing industries, leadership amongst the companies in their industries, strong national and global business franchises, and above average profitability. The strength of these companies creates the potential for long-term earnings and dividend growth, along with share price appreciation.

BCV Asset Management Inc. was founded in 2007 to serve high net worth clientele and remains independent, and wholly owned by its employees and key business partners. The owners include experienced investment professionals and operations personnel that provides exemplary service to our advisors and clients.


Global View Capital Management (GVCM) is an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor firm that employs the science of Global Tactical Asset Allocation (GTAA), a strategy utilized by large institutional firms to access the broad spectrum of globally available asset classes. By combining GTAA with their proprietary algorithms and advanced portfolio construction, GVCM delivers a highly-sophisticated form of diversification, with an emphasis on downside protection.

Advancements in technology, trading platforms and exchange-traded products (ETFs) have enabled GVCM to offer access to asset classes and trading strategies which were previously unavailable to the average investor. Global View Capital Management serves primarily as a Registered Investment Advisor to Corporate RIAs and as a Sub-Advisor and Portfolio Construction Manager in both the US and Canada.

2016 Commentary (PDF)


Your expectations are simple. Protect and preserve my capital, use all the tools available to help manage my risk and meet my objectives and demonstrate value for the fees I’m paying.

R.N. Croft Financial Group has been serving investors for over 25 years. Our methodology combines a low-cost, tax-efficient approach with ongoing active management for all account sizes.  We specialize in the utilization of sophisticated equity and ETF option strategies. This helps us mitigate your risk and maximize your returns. We react quickly to changing market conditions to manage risk and seize opportunities for growth and income,  using strategies most managers don’t have the expertise or experience to use.

We are held to the highest standard in the industry. We have a fiduciary duty to act with care, honesty and good faith, always in the best interest of our clients. Investment decisions must be independent and free of bias.

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