Open a smarter pension

Any pension is a smart way to lower your taxes and take control of your financial future. But ours is built better.

Open a pension
With investment your capital is at risk.

Why you should really have a pension

It's like free money from the government

Your contributions will likely be eligible for tax relief

To take care of Future You

Saving money now will let you enjoy the things you like in retirement

Take advantage of the power of compounding

The earlier you invest, the more potential you have to earn later

Why you should use Wealthsimple

Combine your pensions in one place

Simplify your finances by combining all of your old pension pots alongside your other accounts.

Low cost

Our fees are transparent and a fraction of what most investment managers According to a quarterly review conducted by Grant Thornton, an investor requiring both advice and investment products will pay on average 2.56% per annum. Savings in fees are calculated using a 20 year time period. charge.

Personalised portfolio

We use technology and Nobel Prize-winning strategy to build a portfolio that puts your money to work like the world's smartest investors.

Human advice

Get access to a team of qualified pension advisers who work with you to make sure you're on track to meet retirement goals.

We keep your money safe

Security is our top priority. We use the highest degree of protection to safegaurd you money.

Assets are securely held by a custodian and protected by the FSCS

State-of-the-art security and encryption

We manage more than Β£2 billion in assets globally

Over 100,000 clients globally

Simple honest pricing

Start an account with no minimum and pay a fraction of the fees traditional advisers charge. You'll never pay any costs for trading, account transfers, or anything else.

Wealthsimple Basic


0.7% Fees

Customised portfolio

Expert investment advice

Automatic rebalancing

Dividend reinvesting

Direct Debit contributions

Wealthsimple Black


0.5% Fees

All basic features

Even lower fees

Investment Consultations

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