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Invest your clients' assets in a passive or active portfolio comprised of ETFs, mutual funds, or individual stocks, provided by Wealthsimple or by one of our investment management partners.
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Wealthsimple's portfolios use exchange-traded funds to build a diversified portfolio, while keeping fees low. This investment strategy has been proven to reduce risk, while optimizing returns over the long term. Portfolios include six to eight ETFs representing different asset classes, including Canadian, US, and global stocks, bonds, and real estate.

Low-cost, diversified portfolios

Socially responsible and Shariah-compliant options available

Forstrong Global

Forstrong has the longest track record for managing globally balanced ETF-only portfolios dating back to 2001. A commitment to risk management has enabled them to protect client assets during challenging markets like the 2008 global financial crisis, the 2011 Euro debt crisis and 2014 commodity bear market.

Global exposure for all risk levels with a focus on downside protection

The longest track record for managing globally balanced ETF-only portfolios

Global View Capital Management

Global View uses tactical management to deliver a highly-sophisticated form of diversification, with an emphasis on downside protection. Proprietary techniques and technology allow for access to asset classes and trading strategies previously unavailable to the average investor.

Quantitative decision-making based on real-time signals from markets

Access to asset classes and strategies previously unavailable to the average investor

Shaunessy Investment Counsel

Shaunessy offers one principal investment strategy: a globally-balanced and multi-asset ETF portfolio of stocks, bonds, and alternative investments. Investments are managed with the philosophy that a well-diversified portfolio of high-quality equity and fixed-income investments can provide both long-term growth and income with well-managed risk.

Global diversification with a focus on minimum volatility

Access to a global multi-asset allocation strategy that typically requires a $5M minimum

BCV Asset Management

BCV invests in conservative, large capitalization, blue chip companies. These companies are characterized by their strong balance sheet, presence in attractive and growing industries, leadership amongst the companies in their industries, strong national and global business franchises, and above average profitability.

Exposure to Fortune 500 companies in an equally-weighted methodology

Focused on income-generating securities in order to mitigate volatility

Mackenzie Investments

Mackenzie Investments was established in 1967 and has $130B in assets under management. The model portfolios have a strategic asset allocation to traditional and non-traditional asset classes, implemented by fundamental active managers with a bottom-up approach for equity, and a top-down approach for fixed income.

The portfolios are built with up to 10 Mackenzie mutual funds diversified across multiple asset classes, regions and styles

The portfolios have an allocation to High Diversification equity and alternative asset classes to reducing total portfolio volatility

Vanguard Investments Canada

Vanguard Investments Canada is part of the Vanguard Group, a firm established in 1975 with $6.6T in assets under management. The model portfolios have a strategic asset allocation with a conscious home bias and a predominantly index centric implementation.

The portfolios are built with 11 Vanguard ETFs diversified across asset classes and regions

An equal allocation to 4 active equity factor ETFs (Value, Momentum, Liquidity, Minimum Volatility) is added to enhance returns and lower volatility

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