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Wealthsimple Foundation is building a future where every child – no matter their background – can achieve their full potential.

The education savings gap

In Canada, most education savings grants go unclaimed because people simply don't know about them or it's too complicated to apply. Last year alone, $4 billion went unclaimed. The result is millions of Canadian families don't have education savings.

Access to education savings is life-changing. It makes children twice as likely to pursue post-secondary education, and opens up opportunities for better jobs, higher earnings, and lifelong financial stability.

Education is crucial for Canada's future. The education gap represents one of the greatest threats to Canada’s long-term competitiveness and prosperity.

How we'll get there

The simplest RESP – Wealthsimple's RESP is simple, transparent, and human. It makes it simple for families to sign up and claim their government grants.

Innovative partnerships – We're partnering with forward-thinking organizations to design programs that reach eligible families across Canada.

Our mission is to enable a brighter future for everyone through access to education. We envision a future in which everyone is able to realize their full potential.

Board of Directors

  • Sue Gillespie

    Sue Gillespie

    President and CEO, Pathways to Education

  • Aliza Lakhani

    Aliza Lakhani

    Dean and CEO, Northeastern University Toronto

  • Michael Katchen

    Michael Katchen

    Co-founder & CEO, Wealthsimple

Our partners

Pathways to Education is a national charitable organization breaking the cycle of poverty through education. Its award-winning program is creating positive social change by supporting youth living in low-income communities to overcome barriers to education.

SmartSAVER is a non-profit community project focused on helping Canadian families understand and access the government money that is available for education.

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