5 Rules of Smart Investing

We’re here to make smart investing simple for everybody. But whether you do it with Wealthsimple or someone else, here are the 5 things every investor should know before getting started.

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Start early

Albert Einstein called compound interest “mankind’s greatest discovery”. Listen to the world’s smartest man - invest early and often.

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Harry Markowitz won a Nobel Prize for discovering that diversification reduces risk without hurting returns. Some investments go up, others go down. Overall, the balance makes you better off.

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Drown out the noise

Have the conviction to stick to your plan in the best and worst of times. Investors who chase good performance or run away from poor performance are doomed.

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Don’t pick stocks

The vast majority of professional stock pickers fail to beat the market. Simply match the market instead. It’s boring and it works.

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Keep costs low

The average Canadian investor pays more than 2% per year in fees *. More than any other developed country in the world.

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Wealthsimple is the smart and simple way to invest your money. We cut out the noise and focus on building your long-term savings. Create an account and start your plan today.

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